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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hundreds of Me

Randomly Post of my narciss picts
With 'hundreds' of poses
Craziness editing effects
And all because there's nothing to do~~~

And other picts with my sista and cousin

Couple days ago, i heard about the idea to make a sister's blog, because we're love to take hundreds picts of us.. And some people said that we look alike..
*not exactly look alike, we're different in real world*

ummm.. abt me and my sista
sounds a brilliant idea..
how do you think??

maybe that's a good idea, because this lately i kinda think about give up my blog
i don't have any time to post something new, because there're hundreds of assignments in front my eyes!!
and maybe my posts just too boring to be public consumtion (maybe lack of lingual skill, sounds like i writing with outerspace language)

Give me a spirit too continue this blogging activity..

Follow my blog if you like my posts~
And follow my twitter, if you want have some chat with me..
Thank youuuu..


Francesca♥Dellacroix said...

How about making this blog as sister blog? If u make a new blog, then u should start everything (promoting, exchange links, design, etc) from beginning again. But thats just my opinion.. :B

Turquoise and Lily said...
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Turquoise and Lily said...

you have nice blog too.. lemme know if you want to exchange link :) and btw, azzura is a new place at PVJ.. it replaced gelato bar..

i invite you also to join my giveaway.. please click my blog and you will see the shortcut to my gievaway on the right side bar.. thanks

Turquoise and Lily said...

i've linked you dear.. and thanks if you want to join my giveaway..
please read all of the rules of my giveaway here

and don't forget to report back to me if you have joined this giveaway..

Yaary said...

cute photos.. you are so gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

"all because there's nothing to do"???
Meragukan... hahahaha