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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rush to Go, Rush to Back

Last Sunday was my day out with my high school beasties
I was so in hurry yesterday
I bathed and did make up only in 15minutes straight..
*seriously that's my fastest record, because i usually take an hour to get dress and make up.. not proud of it.. but i just can't do it faster even i want it to*

And then ran to my friend's home
I was late and not in time

We decided to had Eclipse, we rushed to queue a line for ticket, and we didn't got it..
We moved to PI, and we got it
Movie was gonna start in 45min, and we rushed to Pizza ebirra to had lunch

Almost late for the movie, but we could make it
After finish the movie, we rushed to back home, because one of my friend wanted go to church

How a rush fun Sunday.. LOL..


Lia Waroka Putri said...

You are pretty with less makeup :)


GRICIA said...

rush..rush..rush.. =D
anyway cute skirt..

ye55i said...

Hey.. love your black skirt! =)
hahaha, you are so slim too..