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Monday, March 19, 2012

Awkward Turn Great

That day was the day when most fabulous woman for me a.k.a my mom, came to this world 50s years ago. She invited some of our family members to had a dinner with us. Just a simple ordinary and casual dinner. 
Coincidentally, i had a meeting with one of local brand on the same day. So i got there earlier and met them. In the middle of the meeting, some of my family came and sat beside our table. What an awkward moment when you workin and your family looking at you. Happily i finish the meeting well. LOL


Thanks for my sister who took this photo beautifully. LOL 

What I Wore
Random top from random brand, motive skirt from Forever21, simple black heels from TRF (have i mention this pair is a birthday gift from my besties ^^), tommy hilfiger watch, and coppola.

Overall that day was awesome. It's so great when many ppl that you love gather in one place and have a long chitchat.
And HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM. Love you so muchhhh...

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Show Us What Fashion Is #IFW2012

I went to first event of Indonesian Fashion Week with my officemate last week. What a big event i think, because it took a whole building to held. I even didn't have enough time to visit all the booths and took alot of photos. But don't worry, i'll share whatever i can share.

All local brand for clothes, gowns, shoes, accessories, bags were join this event. Met alot of my friends, their brands were among of the participant of the event. Such as Coloriot, Impromptu, STAS, BrownForCrown.

What if i join this event one day in the future?? So excited! LOL

With my officemates. Because we work in fashion industry so we decided to attend IFW2012 together. Our purpose was to get inspirations of fashion nowadays.
Honestly they insist me to come with them. I was in bad condition that day. *Just look at what i wore, so simple, i was to lazy to dress up :(*

Who else visit IFW2012?? Share with me...............
Surely you have much more photos than me. :D