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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nuovo Me

So, this is my first post in 2014. I want to show the new me! Completely new style, new hair. 
After having mid-long hair and very long hair for more than 12 years, i finally cut it.
No doubt, no regret, just wanna have a fresh look.

You can take a peek to my previous post and my 2nd previous post. Hmm.. how about i post the photos again.I'm certainly not a lazy blogger :p

[Taken on August 2013 and May 2012]
Long hair forever. Seriously i thought i'll let it like that for a life time.

In October 2013,

And now, my new hair in 2014!

~ Btw, i've been wearing braces for a year. Rarely smiling lately, because my mouth looks full of steel :( ~

Am i over excited and over reacted?? YES!! Because i love my new hair *dancing*
Why did not i cut it sooner??? 

I'm having extreme diet to lose some weights to prepare my self for this haircut. Because having a short hair on a chubby face (i have baby fat on my cheeks since i was born) is a big no-no. I only lost 2,5 kilos so far. But suprisingly, my cheeks are smaller and my cheekbones is a lil bit showed. 
But, i'm not really like my new hair colour, it's not what i expected :(

So, YAY or NAY?

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Winsome Gathering Pt.1

Merry Christmas 2013, everyone! May the spirit of Christmas brings Love, Joy, Peace, and Happiness.

It's almost the end of the year, and another new year will soon approach in couple days. I think time is using turbo, everything passing so fast! I feel so happy that this year went so well. Family had been so healthy this year. Love life also went so romantic (oops! :D). Business went smoothly, although haven't reach my personal goal. 
2013 was so good for me. So thankful for everything. They said: "A human being should be always thankful, then happiness will automatically come to us, right?" What a wise words that should always be reminded in our heart!

Days ago, i had couple christmas dinners with some friends and families. The following post is one of the gathering dinner with my ex-officemates.

Group photos!

Next, what i wore

- White shirt from Mango, Peach polkadot skirt from Zara, Goldie bold necklace from BLING, Black flat shoes from Pedro (have been my favourite lately, i wear it almost everytime because it's so comfortable yet elegant LOL), LV bag -

Another detail shoot. 
I bought this skirt for almost 4-5 months ago, but it amost forgotten and unwore because it was hidden among others. Women will understand this! I believe many women out there often experience it, left your shopping bag somewhere when you get home until you remember to unwrap it or wear it one day in the future.

But i should get rid this bad habbit, learn to appreciate what i earn and what i get.


  To be continued~ (if i get another free time :p) What a loussy blogger!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Sunny and Cut-out

I am a biggest fans of dresses, and as of a local brand owner, i design alot of dress too. Some people say, -A design represents its designer's character- 
So what i wore that day, also ELLIA's latest collection. For me a dresses is really speaks alot. You can be elegant, casual, formal, or exquisite by it.

Calla Cutout Dress by ELLIA

I took a beautiful sunset photo that day. What a beautiful afternoon walk. It's a waste if i don't share it.

Another promotion article-----
ELLIA's webstore have been launched at this month. Kindly check our collection there, at And please don't hesitate to shop with us.

Unplanned Trip

Another unplanned relaxing trip to neighbour country. Relaxing means = wakeup on the afternoon, all day shopping, sleep late, and enjoy the day.

Just want to share some of my simple and sleek outfit :p

 What i wore:
Top by Zara
Skort (look like skirt, but it's actualy a short) bought from my sister
Shoes by Pedro
Bracelet by Balenciaga


Have you try this? The dessert cafe is located behind Bugis Junction, my friends took me there. And it's good. But it took a quite long queue to be seated.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pursue The Dream

Finally i got this blogging spirit back. This post is my first post on 2013. I already abandoned this blog since July 2012. Somehow i really miss it!

Many people say that they wanna grow up quickly. But in the time you being one of the grown-up, you'll beg for turn back the time. Why? Because along with our increasing age, we also diminish our free time. For me, it's my time to pursue my dream, my happiness, and success.

I left my job in one of developing fashion e-commerce nearly the end of 2012. I was daring myself to make a move to accomplish my dream.  And now, i am on my way! LOL
My sister and i started this clothingshop about  2 years ago. And we decided to design and manufacture the products since 2013. It's really need a super hardwork and extra time plus financial support to make it through.

So, i want to ask many suppports from you! :) :)
In this moment, you can browse my collection only from ELLIA facebook fanpage. We had launch ELLIA Spring Collection 2013 on January. And, the summer collection is on proccess.
Our website is COMING SOON!

I'm wearing one of ELLIA Spring collection

What i wore : Flavio Silk Shirt from ELLIA, cream pants from Zara, quilted chain slingbag from Zara, and black heels from Dorothy Perkins

See you on my next post!