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Friday, June 18, 2010

Those Stunned Me

New post!!
I don't have any new phots of any new outfit, and i don't have any kind of interesting activity this lately to share it here..
*what a boring life these days =.=

But i need to keep updating my blog right?
So, How about we review two movies that i watched this lately.
I really liked those movies.

If you mention the box-office movies, like......
Kick Ass?? No
Shrek 4?? I think the first and second are better
Prince of Persia?? Quite exciting, but too much computer effect
~i know we have too much consume wonderful super effect from hollywood~
mmm...Sex and The City 2?? nope, i never watch the series and the first movie

Enough guessing~
The answer are THE LOSERS and THE A-TEAM!!!!
Yeaayyyy!! Say yes to American Intelligence Military Agent (i don't know what i try to tell in this sentence T_T)

Have you seen it??
First it came out in theatre, i'm not that interested on those movies.
Because people said it good, so i decided to watch it.

The Losers?? I like it so much.

The Losers is based on comic books series of DC Comics..
With The Losers, you get a lot of characters and a whole lot of over-the-top action scenes packed into a tight 98minutes running time.
I got myself entertained by the fim's intense action and clever humor.
And of course because of great cast, make this movie really worth to watch.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chris Evans, Zoe Saldana~
And i really really really like Cougar played byOscar Jaenada

I fall in love with his character.

Next The A-Team *i ever said that i don't want watch this movie..Not Interesting!*

The movie is the remake version of The A-Team series
This movie has a similar type of movie like The Losers.
Full action from the beginning till the end. Clever humor too. Great characters too.
Superb lar!

If you ask me to choose which one is better.. I can't choose it..
It similar~
Same stunning action scene, same hillarious humor, same great character (4 or 5 character, and all of the are military's special soldier)
How can i choose the one is better than the other

But if you insist me, ummmm... i give my vote to THE LOSERS, because Cougar is in there!!!!
Surely, you gonna like pooch, clay, and jensen..

Just a little bit confused, why such great film can't be #1 on box office??


ye55i said...

Haven't watched both! but will watch them surely.. hahha.. I watched the A-team series when I was a child, it was funny indeed. =)

Diana Ang said...

bradley cooper gwanteng!! hahaha