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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mom's BIRTHDAY!! Part 2

Last Saturday, my mom invited my families to having her birthday dinner together.

We spent some quality dinner time at Iton, Muara Karang.
My mom is chinese food lover, so decided to invited them at there..

I Love You So Much *smooch

Together we took a picture.

Mom, sista, and me

Beautiful Mother and Pretty Daughter.. LOL
*over contrast pict

The Guest!

Here is our cousin. I think i never post her photo in tinkerlia's blog.
So i decided to post it for the first time.
I gonna tell her soon, that she published in here.
*i feel like i'm gonna sell her out

My cutie handsome nephew..
Love him too. LOL

What I wore that day was a simple look
Nothing special, just keep it girly and casual

Narcisstic Booth!! Hiao~~
NO MAKE UP detected.. =.="

I would buy a dozen of concealer soon!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Love Kaya Scodelario

I love this British young actress' great style. And no doubt that she has a beautiful British look.
Simple but cool!

Take a look, why i heart this 18 years old girl?

heart her minidress!

Cool shoes

Classic and Fabs

In UK Style

You know you love her ^^

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Part Of Your Life

I had several times frustrated with some old friends. Friends who feel that they no longer need us, because they already have a bunch of new friends.
Why i can feel that way??
Come on, she treated me differently with new friends of her. Although now you spend more time with them, does not mean you should treat your old best friend like stranger. Okay! I do not owe anything to you, and you also do not

For example, if her new friend asked where she went today, she would reply with a laugh and a joke. But if I had asked, she would only answer with no strings attached directly.
Sucks, huh??
There are some examples anyway.

Do not think they can make you happier than we are, you have become think they are everything. Stupid moron.

To be honest, because I do not like being treated that way so i always treat any kind of my friends with the same way.
I was not supposed to forget, if an old friend still part of my life. Without them there would not me.

Did they think the memory is something that is easily moved by something new? I spend more time with new friends now, but I am glad that now there was a chance to connect with the old friends.

I Love all of my friends. All of them is part of my wonderful life. Either the good one or the bad one. I still love them so deeply.
For me, friends just the same as family.

By the way, I've talked about, why are there some people who can live only with her/his boyfriend/girlfriend. They do not need to live with other people.
I think everyone needs family, friends, and their lover. They have their own role.

Family use to always keep us and accept us when we are happy or sad, successful or failed.
Friends are a place to tell everything that we experience everyday
Lover use to love us and take care of us well.

And they are important parts of our lives, how do you think?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mom's BIRTHDAY!! part 1

Yesterday was my mom's birthday by Lunar calendar.
I love you so much

Actually yesterday, i started it with meeting with my boss. We had an appointment to assistance my job.
Okay, i forget to tell that i already found an office to do my internship. My internship is kind of freelance one. So i'm not necessary to work in the office. I can do all my job eveywhere, and do assistance every week.

So yesterday, i started the day with doing assistance at Pluit Junction. And then i moved to Empo because i should looking for my mom's birthday gift.
Of course with fatty huppie acompanied me.

Setelah mencari cari (back to indonesian~~~), akhir nya memutuskan buat membeli card holder Braun Buffel. Karena budget nya terbatas, akhir nya beli model yang satu itu.
(Picture update soon)

Ternyata oh ternyata, mom dan sist dah di Empo juga. Kebetulan sekali.
So we had a birthday dinner at Kiyadon.

Dessert!! Sour Sally Shaved Ice

Zhu Ning Shen Ri Kuai Le

I did some random shoot yesterday.

Waiting, Drawing, and BB-ing

Tried another tools on my camera. I just found it that the brightness can be adjusted.

My Drawing Stuffs
pensil 2B, pensil ctek ctek. penggaris moore (i don't know how to spell it), sketch book..

Did mobile AD

Peek a Boo

I love my nails ;p

What I Wore

Pinky Me
Actually i thin pink isn't my colour. But i gave it a try.
Look nice, huh?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ribbons on My Dress

Look at that, small ribbons filling my dress.. ^^ ..
Btw, i bought two pairs of flat shoes at 'The Little Things She Needs' (maybe this brand kinda popular this lately), and that shoes are too small for me..
I'm so stupid chosed smaller size.

What I wore
Dress: P'parazi
Shoes: Charles & Keith
Black Stockings: random
Purse: Gobellini

Girls Love to Hear 'CLICK'

It's me and my sister plus my nieces. We took this picture after we performed GEE dance.

After attended a wedding reception



Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Plaid

My Plaid dress.. My simple dress.. But i have a thought to sell it out..

What I Wore :
simple plaid dress from ITC Mangdu and white heels..

Monday, March 8, 2010

Silent Is Gold, Treasure, Money

It has been a week. And i'm back with my new post.

Last week has been a tough week for me.
Kenapa?? karena pertama kali nya gw ngomong lebih dr 5 kalimat ke orang, langsung kena masalah. Padahal omongan nya termasuk amat sangat ga penting.
Oke lar, maybe lawan bicara gw mank ga penah diajar untuk berbicara dengan baik dan sopan serta beradat dan baik cara nya.

Pelajaran buat diri sendiri.
First, jika kita jarang berbicara dianggap sombong , dan waktu bicara dibilang bawel; lebih baik diam. Karena benar ada nya diam adalah emas. Kadang kalau kita berbicara, lawan bicara 10org, dengan ada satu org yang pemikiran berbeda runyam lah sudah. Mom said, jangan pernah terlibat dlm masalah apalagi ladenin org yg salah.

Second, karena sudah melihat maka harus belajar,bukan? Jangan pernah menjadi orang yg bertutur kata tanpa aturan. Rendahkan nada, ayak kata2 yg digunakan. Dan tunjukkan kalo kita memiliki kesopanan dan hormati lawan bicara kita. *i'm on training

Berbicara ada aturan nya, berjalan ada aturan nya, makan ada aturan nya.
Ren shen you Dao li de.

I'm choosing some photos to share it with my blog's reader.. ^^
Last Saturday, my big family had a dinner together at The Grand Duck King, GI.
Really had a great time with them, i love my big family so much.

Some of my big family

Blur!! What's wrong with my digicam??

What I Wore That Day

PS: Gonna change ymy blur photos soon!!