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Friday, June 25, 2010

Wonder Girls

i got twoo free tickets from my high school friend
a month a go, she asked me if i want free wondergirls' showcas ticket, and i said yes..
it's FREE, even you don't want to watch it, but you just can't say no to something free LOL

Truly is i not fans of eondergirls, i don't know their names, i don't know their song beside "Nobody"
~this song pretty famous around the world, right??

i got that free ticket, the day before the show.
two tickets ticket for 4 persons, only me and my sista
the last minute we asked our nieces (the korean-lover ;p), and they said yes!!
so we decided to go to Balai Kartini

When we got that place, there were already so muchhhhhhhhhhh people, many of them wore purple shirt
And i just found out that pupler is WG's color

The Ticket

The Crowd

The show should be start at 6pm, but you know lar, jam karet... And finally it's started at 7pm.
*almost died inside, so crowded.. i screamed out need oxygen!!

I found something hillarious, there r some guys. They looked so gorgeous, nice style, elite, and so on..
When wondergirls came out, the suddenly scream like a woman, called WG's name one by one..
And i was so busy to laughed at them LOL
*mmmm..maybe i write it on my blog, that's not funny at all, but seriously their face and attitude so cute~~~~

Our photos after the show.
The face after came out from crazy situation (lack of oxygen, i mean)

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