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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hundreds of Me

Randomly Post of my narciss picts
With 'hundreds' of poses
Craziness editing effects
And all because there's nothing to do~~~

And other picts with my sista and cousin

Couple days ago, i heard about the idea to make a sister's blog, because we're love to take hundreds picts of us.. And some people said that we look alike..
*not exactly look alike, we're different in real world*

ummm.. abt me and my sista
sounds a brilliant idea..
how do you think??

maybe that's a good idea, because this lately i kinda think about give up my blog
i don't have any time to post something new, because there're hundreds of assignments in front my eyes!!
and maybe my posts just too boring to be public consumtion (maybe lack of lingual skill, sounds like i writing with outerspace language)

Give me a spirit too continue this blogging activity..

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Thank youuuu..

Friday, June 25, 2010

Wonder Girls

i got twoo free tickets from my high school friend
a month a go, she asked me if i want free wondergirls' showcas ticket, and i said yes..
it's FREE, even you don't want to watch it, but you just can't say no to something free LOL

Truly is i not fans of eondergirls, i don't know their names, i don't know their song beside "Nobody"
~this song pretty famous around the world, right??

i got that free ticket, the day before the show.
two tickets ticket for 4 persons, only me and my sista
the last minute we asked our nieces (the korean-lover ;p), and they said yes!!
so we decided to go to Balai Kartini

When we got that place, there were already so muchhhhhhhhhhh people, many of them wore purple shirt
And i just found out that pupler is WG's color

The Ticket

The Crowd

The show should be start at 6pm, but you know lar, jam karet... And finally it's started at 7pm.
*almost died inside, so crowded.. i screamed out need oxygen!!

I found something hillarious, there r some guys. They looked so gorgeous, nice style, elite, and so on..
When wondergirls came out, the suddenly scream like a woman, called WG's name one by one..
And i was so busy to laughed at them LOL
*mmmm..maybe i write it on my blog, that's not funny at all, but seriously their face and attitude so cute~~~~

Our photos after the show.
The face after came out from crazy situation (lack of oxygen, i mean)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Those Stunned Me

New post!!
I don't have any new phots of any new outfit, and i don't have any kind of interesting activity this lately to share it here..
*what a boring life these days =.=

But i need to keep updating my blog right?
So, How about we review two movies that i watched this lately.
I really liked those movies.

If you mention the box-office movies, like......
Kick Ass?? No
Shrek 4?? I think the first and second are better
Prince of Persia?? Quite exciting, but too much computer effect
~i know we have too much consume wonderful super effect from hollywood~
mmm...Sex and The City 2?? nope, i never watch the series and the first movie

Enough guessing~
The answer are THE LOSERS and THE A-TEAM!!!!
Yeaayyyy!! Say yes to American Intelligence Military Agent (i don't know what i try to tell in this sentence T_T)

Have you seen it??
First it came out in theatre, i'm not that interested on those movies.
Because people said it good, so i decided to watch it.

The Losers?? I like it so much.

The Losers is based on comic books series of DC Comics..
With The Losers, you get a lot of characters and a whole lot of over-the-top action scenes packed into a tight 98minutes running time.
I got myself entertained by the fim's intense action and clever humor.
And of course because of great cast, make this movie really worth to watch.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chris Evans, Zoe Saldana~
And i really really really like Cougar played byOscar Jaenada

I fall in love with his character.

Next The A-Team *i ever said that i don't want watch this movie..Not Interesting!*

The movie is the remake version of The A-Team series
This movie has a similar type of movie like The Losers.
Full action from the beginning till the end. Clever humor too. Great characters too.
Superb lar!

If you ask me to choose which one is better.. I can't choose it..
It similar~
Same stunning action scene, same hillarious humor, same great character (4 or 5 character, and all of the are military's special soldier)
How can i choose the one is better than the other

But if you insist me, ummmm... i give my vote to THE LOSERS, because Cougar is in there!!!!
Surely, you gonna like pooch, clay, and jensen..

Just a little bit confused, why such great film can't be #1 on box office??

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lately Favourite Dessert

my favourite dessert this lately
MMmmm.. i think i kinda lat to know how much delicious this tart stuff.. =.="
because i thinkk MAQUIS only sell chocolate, and I DON'T LIKE CHOCOLATE..
Not hate it like i hate coffee, only "not a big fans" of choco.

back to "i love maquis" topic..
when my sista told me that they have delicious cake on the display, i choosed some.
Minitart, that only idr 8K (the cheapest..LOL)
Try the cheese one.. The taste is goooooodddd..
Not great but gooooooodddd (with many 'o')

Greentea and i forgot the other tastes
Try it, if you never
But, i believe all of you already tasted it before i did =.=""

This one is kue soes~~~

Bonus dessert picts

Some dessert from Crystal Jade Palace, Grand Indonesia..

I'm huge fans of dessert!!!
That's why i always struggle with my weight
I prefer not having main course, than dessert

*seriously my english so awful, hen diu lian*

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You're the best (Y)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dine And Families

This post gonna started by my narccisstic photos!!

I think this narcist thing already in my blood and my vein

Dinner at Crystal Jade Palace
For celebrate my uncle's birthday

What I Wore

Me, mom and sista

Another family's pict

I lack of words for this post.. Just a small family gathering..
Truly and maybe, i post this just for my narcisstic reason.
Publish some of my photos, and doing an editing stuff
Bo kang co~~~

mmm.. how about some additional picts??

The next day!!
Bodycon for top and put a black skirt..

And~~~ i'm not the stuff that can be "buy two get one free".. LOL..

I think i did too much effect on my pictures.. I'm so lame with photoshop =.="

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Plaid is Plaid

What I Wore
Plaid Blazer
White top
Black short
Chanel totebag
White dice necklace

My Make Up
How to make my dry lip looks fresh and 'blush'? T_T

I want try something new with my eyes. New eyemakeup.
Still asian monolid eyes (not Japanese doll eyes), mmm maybe asian smoky eyes??
I'll try it soon.