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Friday, February 24, 2012

Back and Scream

Finally, i had a time to open my blog, review my newest photo's folders, and edit it. Finally oh finally~~
I feel like i'm an anti-social person nowadays. Working life change me alot! Really alot-alot.
When i got my spare time, i would go to spa or salon or having a body massage. Working in fashion industry is crazily hectic. Fyi, there're alot of big fashion company that crazier out there. Hahahaha..

I found my narcisstic photos that i took in Chinese New Year.
It has been a month ago. But i felt like i wanna share it no matter when. 

What i wore that day. 
I'm a huge fans of BLUE, the colour blue i mean. Since i was a baby i had everything on blue. 
So this blue dress i my gorgeous pick to start this year.

I love this LV Coppola so muchhh. Big thanks to my mom. Seriously, she successfully surprised me by bought this to me.
It'll be MY IT BAG forever! LOL
Seriously, i hold it everywhere~
House of Harlow bangle on my left hand

With my niece

Me, my sister Vheeya and two our nieces.

Like usual, the finishing touch.......My narcisstic huge photo!

I really hope i often post my daily story, inspiration, lifestyle tips on Tinkerlia's. 
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