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Monday, April 25, 2011

Over Pleated Sleeves

Pleated sleeves top, asymmetric cut at front, v-neckline that features a ruffled collar. What a great treasure from my mom. LOL. Seriously, this top was my mom's, and i found it in the upper corner wardrobe, wrapped with a plastic. I found alot treasures for sure, this top is one of them.

Choose a high-waist pants as the bottom. This pants isn't mine, it's my sister's so it's kinda too big for me and look rumpled.

"old treasure" from my mom as top, high-waist pants from random, black heels from steve madden, flower earrings from forever 21


Big head, tiny body, look like caricature =p

Btw, i'm chosen as one of 500 semifinalists of shopping queen by

Mad happy! But i have a huge problem to step forward, there's an interview for that 500 semifinalists, and it's precisely on my graduation day! Shit~~~


Monday, April 18, 2011


Left the title blank. I'm really suck on picking and writing a good title post. Just want to share some of my daily photos. Happy time with my family and my huppy.

Last saturday was my first time i tried to eat in TOKIO kitchen at Central Park.According to several of my friends, TOKIO offer tasty Japanese food. My first impression is "wow! it's look like marche but in Japanese style" But the system inside is a bit messy. I ordered okonomiyaki, rice stone bowl, yakiudon, sushi, and fruity shaved ice. All is yummy, worth a try! :)

This part of wall is so cute. Collection of manga drawing on blackboards.

They put this VW as a cashier, and paint it with rainbow pattern. Creative. Kinda made me confuse at first, Why put a car inside a restaurant?? Okay TOKIO is foodcourt not restaurant :p

What a nice interior :)

My sista, my mom, and me.

ME ME ME! It's ME!

Forced my huppie to take pictures with me. And not intentionally got this strange pose.

Me and huppie.. Taken by my sista.

By the way, just realized after i almost finished writing this post, I forgot to photograph the food!! This should be the culinary post but at the end, it's still a narcist post (again). I think, i should make a professional narcist blog :p

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pink And Tutu

Actually this isn't a tutu. It's a skirt. somekind of lacey skirt. I used to wear it as inner skirt, combine it with short dress. I almost never wore it before. But when i checked my closet last Saturday, i looked at it and said "it's tutu skirt!". Then i immediately thought that i should wear it with something sweet and cute.

Plain shirt features long sleeveless. Pink pastel.

Rounded toe shoes.

I added pearl necklace as an accesory. I even made a braid on my hair, something that i rarely do. Girl instict! It means, everywoman in the universe will always make herself look beautiful and sweet, although you're tomboy, too boyish, skirt hater there must be girly side in you on any aspects. Am i babbling too much?? Seems it's out of the topic.

What i wore: random shirt, random skirt, anything is random.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring 2010 Hit List

Share something! Spring is coming, what should we wear?? Which one we choose??

Yes, i know there's no season named spring in Indonesia. LOL *not funny*

Graphic Pattern

Be dare! Stripes invasion.

Boat Totes

I like this i like this. Nautical style, nautical colors.

The Long Skirt

I'm sure most of us already have this skirt. My sis have one too features lace fabric.

Cool Cover-Ups

Color Blocking

Pink plus yellow. Green plus purple. Brown plus green. Blue plus pink. Colorblock attack!

Found a colorblock dress via Although the color isn't too flashy, but this dress could be an option to look trendy in our ordinary day-out.


Sorry, i'm not going to wear this one. Asian face highly unsuitable to wear this. Especially my face!

Boyish Flats

Aaaaa. I want this so much. I'm a huge fans of dresses, pick a boyish flats would make me look so more trendy. Would i??

Marc by Marc Jacobs

I think this one can be wore anytime. Never get wrong with this.

White Jeans

I remember that white jeans had been a trend a decade ago (maybe). Try to take a peek on your old closet.


This one is definitely not my style. Pass it~

Source: All picts are taken from

Monday, April 4, 2011

From G to B

I always wear any floral prints with girly style. But this time i tried to make it look more boyish. I still doubt whether i did it well or didn't.

Fail #1 : Cute pose + weird face

Fail #2 : Tried to look elegant ('staring a far-away spot' pose)

This one quite good lah. Everytime i look at this pict, i feel i must discontinue my diet. So skinny in here.

Some people said to me,"You already so thin and slim, why you always on diet program??" "You don't need complain lah, i'm more fat than you" "Not grateful! Which part of your body need to be lost?"

The answer is : "Just let me lose 2 kilos, let me back to my normal weight" T_T

Succeed! Got a satisfying pict. *laughing*

All i wore is old stuff except the black sweater: Zara black sweater from my friends, green floral skirt by p'parazi.