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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yesterday was Fun

Spent some quality times with my highschool bestfriend. It has been so long not have fun with them. Because we're quite busy. mmmm..busy with nothing.. LOL..

So we decided to spent some time at Senci.
Relaxing fun day.

Me, Kathy, Anne, and Felita

Here's XKTV. I just knew that the price to rent room for karaOK in here is crazily expensive!!
300k at the weekend for one hour, and you should rent it minimal 2hours.
maybe the sound system is so mad good. i don't know.

And btw, kathy and me looked like we just back from office. Profesional style huh??

Blizzard Frenzy!!
Bought it with BCA cc, buy 2 get 3.
Not a reguler one, but medium. I think it's LARGE!!

Watched SHREK 3d with besties.
I'm sorry Felita. Yo know why i put the photo without you in ther.
Because other pict is zoom out my face so badly. LOL

Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Shocking Colour!

I bought a new NYX round lipstick! Eucalyptus~~~
*difficult name of colour =.="
Okay i tell you that the colour is shocking pink. I was craving for pink lip-coloring.

Here is the new lipstick

Umm~~ of course there's a reason why i suddenly decided to buy a new colour. Becauseeeee, last 4 days i watch korean series Oh! My Lady! (cast: Choi Siwon and ChaeRim)
In that series, the antagonist is a beautiful woman named Hong YooRa (played by Park Han Byul), her lips is fabulous on shocking pink lipstick.
So, in a moment i started to think that i should buy one for myself..And i get it today.. LOL..

~Pict updated later~


Bonus: Me an My Sista, Vheeya

I didn't have anything to share this lately. Just not in the mood to take any picts of my life.
I should pump my spirit to post so much things in here T_T
Jia You!!

Keep read my post, okay??

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Desperately Craving

This lately in my mind was floating one Balenciaga Bag.. Very annoying, because i really want this bag so badly..
I used to not like the Balenciaga bag. But increasingly seen more and more like it. Moreover, the giant city bag !!

This oneeeee..

d btw, my chanel bag is damaged for the fourth time, I think it can not be repaired, and I need to buy a new one, with the shape and the exact same model.
This chanel bag is timeless and its model can be used in any occasion, that's why i really liked it. And hoping to get one more to replace the old.

I miss this flapbag TT


The other things that i'm craving for is some meals. LOL..
mmm... Here there are :

Onion Ring from Burger KIng!!

Crispy Chicken by Shihlin!

Nasi Campur by Ahwa!!!

My post moved from bag to food. But i really carving for those things. ^^ .
So it's okay lar to talk about everything..

BTW, i need a recommend for a perfume under IDR 600K. I need a new fragrance.
Sweet and mild.

The Beat has a wonderful smell. I love it.. But it quite expensive for me =.="

I used this before. Sweet. Like candy..

Any suggestion??

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lovely Dung Dung Day

Dung Dung Dung Day!!
It's mean one day in Bandung with my friends.. Sweet escape.. ^^

The day began very early. I woke up at 5.30, and fyi, that's my earliest morning since 2years ago or maybe more. LOL

We had an appointment to gather at Cheesecake Factory. and Debby and I are the earliest arriving. It's such a miracle!!
"Keajaiban itu nyata", It is a maxim which is often uttered by the Indonesian people.
okay! back to the topic~~

We leaved Jakarta about 7 o'clock and arrived 2 hours later.
And we headed to Rumah Mode *woman's activity*

After that we went directly to Prima Rasa, and then FO again.
Shopping, culinary tour, did hiao photo shoot.. Yay yay!

Wherever we go, it's such great, relaxing and wonderful day!
I Love you all, dear!!!

The Girls~~


Teat Time at Nanny's Pavillion

Blueberry Pancake

40K mocktail!

Chizzz~~~~ Click Click!!


Tinker's Booth

Welcoming Wedding's Guest

On May, 2nd 2010, was my huppy's cousin's wedding. And i did my job as receptionist....mmm...can't be called like that.
How to mention "penerima tamu" in English language??
Okayy it's really a receptionist (by google translate)

Very pleased to gain the trust and the opportunity to become a receptionist. It has been my 2nd time.
Nothing special, but tiring. T_T
Even I can not get a lot of pictures taken during the day.

Only a few photos in spare time. That's mean narcissist picts!! Lalalala~~~~

With My Huppy

With my sista. Fyi, she's one of guests, and i sneak to take a picture with her.

With Ming2

Camwhoring after finished the make up session~~~
And it's BLURRR!! just realized it in a sec ago.. Deng deng~~

TADAA~~ I'm the narcist one

I guess i do not really like the whole make-up. Looked at the mirror, and....stranger! LOL
I prefer the eyeliner and blush-on. Ordinary daily make up..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Movie-ing and Shoot-ing

Last Tuesday is my first time watched movie at Blitzmegaplex, Central Park.
We decided to watch Date Night. Hillarious one, but it think Cop Out starring by Bruce Willis is funnier.

My first impression for the new Blitz far. Because i need to walk so far to get there.
And then, when i walked into there. I felt like i walk into "Perang Bintang" Dufan. LOL.
So futuristic. Cool!

After finished the movie, we decided to took a walki at the garden and took some pictures.
Central Park have a good mall concept. Even i already go there 4th times, But last week was my first time stepped the garden.