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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So Oldies So Hazy

What do you feel when you get a lot of old clothes that had been more than a decade??
If u ask me, i'll answer that i was so happy!! Very pleased and excited..
Who doesn't want it?? even it old, but it still so stylish and fucking dandy.. I bet! You'll enjoy that 'ocean' of clothes

And it happened with me after that huge package of clothes be sent by my aunty. I started picking, choosing, mixing, trying.
I tried every clothes one by one. Some of them still labeled and the tag still beautifully hang in there.

Okay, honestly, not all aged a decade or more, some as young as a few days and several months.

Wanna see one of the oldies clothes that aged more than a decade??

Wearing the vest

*gasp* my stinky feet exposed!

What i wore:
anything that free, old, and given..
but it's goooooodddd..

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Post Random Post

Yayy~ random pics, random narcissm pics, really so random!

Random outfit, random poses~
Simple outfit

Top : la'beaute (my cousin's olshop)
Bottom : Mango black jeans

Over effect = BLUR

New post will be update soon..
Promise! i never let my blog be abandoned again..

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Dress is A Canvas

I'm back again with my new post and I'm sorry, i abandoned my blog this lately..
*don't spank my butt T_T*
Thank you for all of you still read my post and left a comment, i super uber appreciate it. Please don't leave this lazy blogger~~ *begging*

But it's all because my final assignment (call it SKRIPSONG!)..
I'll be interior designer soon. Wait and see!

Seriously, I didn't mean to. because of the situation and the lack of time, so I do not shop and do not wear new clothes till today.
My lifestyle has changed since I stepped into the circle of this final assignment.

However, couple weeks ago I got a lot of clothes, both new and old.
Happy to the max!

Artful Dress

I don't like my face in this pict

What I Wore
Handmade Colorful Dress
Zara Black Pumps