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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Greatest Woman

55 years ago, there was a baby girl born to this world. And she become a greatest, prettiest, most gorgeous woman i ever know. She is my mom. My fabulous mom.
Last weekend, my mom had a birthday dinner with her 'beautiful' daughters. We spent a great time together. Actually everytime that we spend together is GREAT! LOL.

Happy birthday, MOMMA. Love you so much! Wish you much healthier and happier :)

Queen and Princesses

I LOVE dessert so much. Cake is my greatest guilty pleasure ha ha ha
The right pict is machiato latte ordered by my sista, do you know that i hate coffee? yeahhhh. some people say that i'm so stupid. But coffee is smell weird, and taste like a soil.

What I Wore That Day

Greatest gift in my life. God give me a cool mom. How could i say my mom is so cool?? Because she's my mother, my sister, and my bestfriend. My mom soooo up-to-date about latest fashion style, she likes peeking our magazine, so she's a perfect shopping companion :D
Mention some new movies that playing now on cinema. My mom already watched it too!
Love Love Love my precious mother

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Brand is All About Glamour

Is it true?? Do you agree?? As we can see, many ppl out there who think that brand is their meassurement of glamour-ness.
I do not agree about this. You can be fashionable without involve "brand", you still can look wealthy, happy, healthy without "brand". But everyone has their one opinions and thoughts, right?
What do you like about branded stuff?? It's not always about glamoros.
I like the preserence of the logo, the sign of that brand. Do you ever noticed that those signs are somehow very attractive.