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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Windy Mint

Who have this colour on wardrobe? Me! me! 
Fall in love with this loose blouse and bought one for my self so did my officemate. Yeah we bought it together.
I know every fashion people is like being stormed with green mint and baby peach colours these days. Fresh colour to light up our look. Pastel colour doesn't refer to sense of cute anymore. Mint sleeveles tops, mint trousers and pants, even mint purses. Aaaa  i want another Green Mint's stuffs!

What i wore: Top from random, my sister's skirt (don't know where she got it =p), coppola bag, zara camel heels, ysl ring, fendi bangle

My face was super swollen. Pillow-pale-face plus messy hair! Honestly, i was ready to go out that day, but after i reviewed the photos, i felt ugly~

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Brighten The Floral

Floral is really addictive, everytime the floral is back on shop windows display, i always hunt it.
Never imagine i can unite this "two" in one look. Neon and floral!
We can see alot of floral attack *again* in this season. I found this floral short this lately when i went shopping with my friends. We got 1pair for each of us with different colours. How about the neon? Who don't like neon, huh?? Never goes wrong when you put neon details on your look. 

What I Wore: scallop floral shorts from random, neon orange blazer from ELLIA , camel heels from Zara.

"Something sticking on the flap!" That's what i said when this photo was taken. LOL

Misc: carmen slingbag from Berrybenka , leaf ring from RUBY (souvenir from my friend :) )
At first i thought "What a fake celine!" But I fell in love with the leopard motive so i decide to get one. LOL. This one is featuring button closure and adjustable buckle on strap. Big differences with celine. 
Don't judge a book by it's cover, erlia!
This slingbag is somehow very useful this lately :D

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