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Friday, January 21, 2011

Nice Envelope Nice Friends

I got an envelope on wednesday. And it written my result for final project. Anddddddddd~ happy loh. It's A
Even it's a tiny A (mean : it'll become B if i lose 0,0x point), but still so happy.

After got the result, me and my friends had lunch together at Hanamasa. Not my favourite meal, but whatever the food, togetherness is number one, right?? LOL

This short post end by some photos

Complete personal.

So glad have you all as my friends in my 9 semesters
All of you helped me alot in my lectures. Have fun together, and many mor. :)

Photographed by Ferry Kosim

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bangs Dilemma

I wanna have a hair cut soon. But i'm kinda confuse about my bangs.
I made a little survey couple days ago about my bangs. Am i good in short or long bangs??
And the result is 65percent said i'm good with long bangs and 40percent give votes for short one. 5percent vote for ridiculous hairstyle. LOL
Confused me so muchh!
My mom said that long bangs make me look older than my actual age.

How about your idea??

Same top different day. LOL
Put it together, maybe can compare it easier.

About my long bangs, i don't know how to make my hair fall beautifully on my head. I'm suck on hair-do.

I wish my bangs like this

Fluffy bangs!

But it always shape like this

Cover my right eye. Fugly lah.
So envy ppl with thick hair, mine is so thin, i think i can count it in 1days only.

Next info, i addicted with this "Triple M" seaweed. I'm eating it right now.

Give it a try!!

I wrote alot "bangs" word.. Weird~

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fabulous Gifts

I'm so extremely happy!
It's done!! Finally finished my final project. And finally i'll back to my ordinary old life. I can do whatever i want in happy atmosphere. Now, i'm wishing for a good mark.
Lalalalalaaala~~~~ *can't stop smiling*
Very grateful to many ppl around me that helped me during those times. My mom, sista, huppi, my friendddsss.. You are such a great angels of my life.

Andddd... i got a new blackberry on december from my huppi. Plus new camera from my mommy last week. Count it as christmas' and new year's gits. It's really happiness frenzy. *still can't stop smiling*

Graduate, blackberry, camera, happy family, great friends, lovely huppi are fabulous gift for me. Thanks so much God
Yeahh, realize my life's journey still very very very long, but let me happy and free for a while lah..

New device in my bag's pocket

I'm not a gadget lover, i could use one device until 2-3years or maybe more. But when my huppy bought it and surprisingly brought it to my house i was so flattered. LOL
That night i was doing my assignment with my friend who stayed couple nights.

*smooch this*

Sony nex-3! yeahhhh

honestly, i wanna buy olympus pen camera, but when i compared those two cameras in the shop, this one is smaller and cheaper (just a little bit cheaper lah)
I know there's a new sony nex-5, but the price still so expensive, and i had drained my money for my final project.
Fyi, i spent abt 5millions for my final.

TADAAA the 5mill project!!

Me and FoodBay

I design new foodcourt that located at Grand Indonesia. Fictitious project.
A new concept foodcourt, with bay atmosphere.


Friday, January 7, 2011

This is A New Year

Welcoming back the laziest blogger that ever exist~ *drumroll* TADAAAA.. Me!
* why do i always start a new post with bad sentece?"

Okay, let's start. First i wanna say "happy new year 2011"
Most ppl will start a new year by mentioning bunch of wishlists and resolutions. Do you realize that all wishlists and resolutions you have this new year are the same with last year's or maybe last two years or more?? If u don't, i do. LOL

One of my last year's wishlist is to be skinny. And my 2011's is = to be skinny :D
But this year i have a new wish, graduate! Wish me luck for my next week's last presentation (sidang i mean)

My last 4months was fucking hell. How to describe this situation? Hmmmm~ I have a bed but i couldn't sleep, i have couches but i couldn't relax, i have TVs but i couldn't watch movie, i have a toilet but i forgot to take a pee! My last assignment really took my life away. But this gonna end soon!
HAHAHAHAHA.. Happy to the max!

And abt my blog, i think it'll have something new. Wait and see *blink*
But to be honest, i really desperate with my blog. I started it almost two year ago with passion. But i'm kinda lost purposes on blogging now.
I always use bad english, bad indonesian. Random blog is kinda unpopular, right?? i post anything on my mind but it became so random.
I'm not teenage anymore! Don't you know most of popular blog is own by YOUNG, pretty, fashionable ppl?
When you're not gorgeous, and can't afford authentic ysl or loubotin or gucci, lack of topic to post, then ur blog is ...... (fill in the blank)
If you agree, raise ur hand, if u don't agree maybe u can hate me. I didn't mean i want to be popular, trust me, i'm not. I'm too old to be popular. Some ppl are trying so hard to make their blog look popular, they visit more than 50 blogs a day to left a comment, the next day with some lucks their post get alot comments too.
Ohmy.. i'm complaining alot, my blog gonna be left forever *slapping my finger*.. I think i should admit it, the fact that my blog is not good as others..

*Am i sound so unconfident??*

Next, my narcistic picts as always..

Remember my canvas dress ?
This one have colorful pattern too. But this one, i got it from my auntie. The other old dress.
Wear it confidently, and it look GOOD too, right??