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Friday, July 27, 2012

Summary of My Life

Just wanna share my latest photos of my life.  LOL.. Yes, i know, i'm a lazy blogger. But this lately i can't stop share my daily life on instagram and path. Becoming victim of social applications!

* First photo is my new hair! Short hair after almost 7years i let my hair grew so long. I was so worried, but i really satisfied with my new hair. :) :) :)
So what do you think about it?

* Next, one of my summer outfit. I wore all of these for outdoor event, which is my nieces' birthday. Floral short and tie-up knot sheer shirt. Plus sneakers.

Purse and sunnies from mango. Bracelet from balenciaga (never get enough of it)

* My new dress, made and design by my friend who will join Jakarta Fashion Week this year. I'll introduce her in the future :)
Photo of the whole look will be coming soon.
 Really in love with this collar <3 <3

* Floral and tribal obsession! This lately i just can't get enough floral printed stuffs. 

Electric Shock~ Another tribal motives that features electric colours. 
Floral bandage skirt and tribal top from forever21

Andddd~ 4th anniversary. I got surprise flower bouquet from my bf at my office in my working hours. Really happy!

Thanks to him, he really made it so special and memorable. :)

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fierce With Tribal

Another collection from ELLIA, and this one really attracted me and my sister's eyes at the first sight. Till we decided to have it in our clothingshop.
Available at too. It Was! This dress was quite fast selling. *Happy! :D*
But lucky me, i already bought one for myself. LOL.. Okay! Enough for the self bragging~~

This assymetrical dress is featuring monochrome tribal printed at back. Perfect to wear at formal occasion or weekend girl's out. 

I tried to pair it with my gold bangle *again* and clutch and black pump shoes.
Black never goes wrong, right? 

I miss my long hair so muchhhh!  Even i had my long hair for almost 6years, but long hair is the best crown on my head. 

The tribal motive at back. Love Love Love it so much!
Btw, what a skinny leg! I swear no liquify tool on this photo. Scare me to death! 

EPIC face! Thanks to my sister who took it. 

What i wore Arissa Top from ELLIA - Mango Gold Bangle - Aldo Black Pumps

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Share Share Share

Feel like wanna share this article to all of fashionista out there, because it's really inform me with something new :) After had this article, i feel wanna try put on all of those on my next outfit choices. LOL

Today's fashion trends were championed by the rich and famous long before they hit our high street stores. From high waists to gladiator sandals, hot pants to high tops, nearly every style can be traced back to a celebrity.

How about we look at the big fashion fads over the years, and which celeb put their name to it first.


Perhaps the people that have claimed trainers like Converse most passionately within their wardrobe are those in the music industry, with a particular admiration from rock and punk musicians. Whether it’s on stage at festivals, touring the world’s biggest stadiums or playing at an intimate local gig, Converses are a staple of the music scene.

Converse yet also can be worn with feminine outfit. Chanel and converse like Mischa barton? Perfect! LOL

 Boyfriend Blazer

Blazers have shifted from office wear to casual cool. Paired with jeans and heels, blazers are a favourite with the celebrity set across the globe.

South African actress Charlize Theron and Australian songstress Kylie Minogue are both champions of the boyfriend blazer, often matching it with a pair of distressed skinny jeans in dark blue. Rachel Bilson tees up the blazer with cropped trousers, while Beyonce is often spotted wearing a sexy structured blazer and short shorts to show off her fabulous figure.

I had post about i wore boyfriend blazer with fresh colour in here
Boyish yet also stylish.

Wedge Sandals

Victoria Beckham might be known for her skyscraper stilettos, but there are more than a few celebrities who opt for super chic, yet comfortable heels.

Arguably the most popular trend in wearable celebrity footwear is the wedge sandal. Southern belle Reece Witherspoon often opts for suede wedge sandals, which she pairs with jeans and a cardigan, while Jessica Alba is known for pairing her wedges with a cute summer frock.

 Biker Jackets

Many a celebrity has championed the ultimate item of the tough girl wardrobe – the sexy leather jacket. Back in the 1950s, it was the symbol of our rebellious youth, as actors like James Dean and Marlon Brando smoked on the big screen in films like Rebel Without a Cause and A Streetcar Named Desire.

Some sixty years on, it’s still a favourite of the celebrity youth. The latest iconic wearers of the leather jacket include Twilight star Kristen Stewart, the model and sex symbol Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and pop sensation Jessie J.

Share your thoughts after read this article!

Btw, next outfit post is coming soon. Stiil in my old long har :p Becauseeeeeee... i cut my hair last week!

Friday, June 15, 2012

I Have Dresses, My Dresses Are Blue

€(cont) --  i have a friend, and my friend is you. Hahaha. That's a old poetry  that i used to write on my friend's book.

Back to my ordinary style! Feminine dress and heels. It's completely different with latest post, when i tried to try a new look.
I wore another blue dress at my uncle's birthday last week~ You can check my blue dress in here.
Some people tought that i wear a same dress. 
So in love with blue since i was a baby, i even didn't realize that i bought electric blue dress again. I just fell for it and directly bought it. Anyone of you such a blue-addict like me? LOL
I think that day was a good hair day! 

With my sista, vheeya. I like her necklaceeeee. I buy it from her (she sell it at her shop) after i saw one of pretty blogger from Philippine, Camille Co.

I'm soryy, Auntie, I coincidentally blocked you :p
I wore gold bangle from Mango

What i wore. This is so me. :) :) :)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

See Through Their Eyes

Even i publish this post one day earlier, but first of all i wanna say Happy Mother's Day for all mothers all over the world. The best and greatest job ever is being a mother. Have you prepare special gifts for your mom? :)

My outfit today is so unusual (especially for me), because my daily style is more feminime and simple. Dresses and pointy heels are my favourite. But today i found this last piece stock from ELLIA at storage, and i took it and pair with this simple skirt. And TADAAA, i think i like it!

I think next time i'll pair this lace top with my black simple dress. Hmm..
 Seriously, these days were so hot. Couldn't open my eyes and look straight to the camera lens. Even the day was hot but i still had a spirit to took some photos.

I have no confidence on doing hairdo, even a simple hairbun :(
Do i need take some hairdo class? LOL

 What i wore: lace top from ELLIA,  bandage skirt from forever21, black heels from stevemadden.

All accessories are sponsored from my sister. I think she is really obsessed with accessoriess she decided to start a small business on this field. Hopefully she can featuring her accessories with our clothing brand. 

Another good news, ELLIA is now on, online website with a concept similar to department stores. 

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Windy Mint

Who have this colour on wardrobe? Me! me! 
Fall in love with this loose blouse and bought one for my self so did my officemate. Yeah we bought it together.
I know every fashion people is like being stormed with green mint and baby peach colours these days. Fresh colour to light up our look. Pastel colour doesn't refer to sense of cute anymore. Mint sleeveles tops, mint trousers and pants, even mint purses. Aaaa  i want another Green Mint's stuffs!

What i wore: Top from random, my sister's skirt (don't know where she got it =p), coppola bag, zara camel heels, ysl ring, fendi bangle

My face was super swollen. Pillow-pale-face plus messy hair! Honestly, i was ready to go out that day, but after i reviewed the photos, i felt ugly~

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Brighten The Floral

Floral is really addictive, everytime the floral is back on shop windows display, i always hunt it.
Never imagine i can unite this "two" in one look. Neon and floral!
We can see alot of floral attack *again* in this season. I found this floral short this lately when i went shopping with my friends. We got 1pair for each of us with different colours. How about the neon? Who don't like neon, huh?? Never goes wrong when you put neon details on your look. 

What I Wore: scallop floral shorts from random, neon orange blazer from ELLIA , camel heels from Zara.

"Something sticking on the flap!" That's what i said when this photo was taken. LOL

Misc: carmen slingbag from Berrybenka , leaf ring from RUBY (souvenir from my friend :) )
At first i thought "What a fake celine!" But I fell in love with the leopard motive so i decide to get one. LOL. This one is featuring button closure and adjustable buckle on strap. Big differences with celine. 
Don't judge a book by it's cover, erlia!
This slingbag is somehow very useful this lately :D

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Awkward Turn Great

That day was the day when most fabulous woman for me a.k.a my mom, came to this world 50s years ago. She invited some of our family members to had a dinner with us. Just a simple ordinary and casual dinner. 
Coincidentally, i had a meeting with one of local brand on the same day. So i got there earlier and met them. In the middle of the meeting, some of my family came and sat beside our table. What an awkward moment when you workin and your family looking at you. Happily i finish the meeting well. LOL


Thanks for my sister who took this photo beautifully. LOL 

What I Wore
Random top from random brand, motive skirt from Forever21, simple black heels from TRF (have i mention this pair is a birthday gift from my besties ^^), tommy hilfiger watch, and coppola.

Overall that day was awesome. It's so great when many ppl that you love gather in one place and have a long chitchat.
And HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM. Love you so muchhhh...

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Show Us What Fashion Is #IFW2012

I went to first event of Indonesian Fashion Week with my officemate last week. What a big event i think, because it took a whole building to held. I even didn't have enough time to visit all the booths and took alot of photos. But don't worry, i'll share whatever i can share.

All local brand for clothes, gowns, shoes, accessories, bags were join this event. Met alot of my friends, their brands were among of the participant of the event. Such as Coloriot, Impromptu, STAS, BrownForCrown.

What if i join this event one day in the future?? So excited! LOL

With my officemates. Because we work in fashion industry so we decided to attend IFW2012 together. Our purpose was to get inspirations of fashion nowadays.
Honestly they insist me to come with them. I was in bad condition that day. *Just look at what i wore, so simple, i was to lazy to dress up :(*

Who else visit IFW2012?? Share with me...............
Surely you have much more photos than me. :D