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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lately Favourite Dessert

my favourite dessert this lately
MMmmm.. i think i kinda lat to know how much delicious this tart stuff.. =.="
because i thinkk MAQUIS only sell chocolate, and I DON'T LIKE CHOCOLATE..
Not hate it like i hate coffee, only "not a big fans" of choco.

back to "i love maquis" topic..
when my sista told me that they have delicious cake on the display, i choosed some.
Minitart, that only idr 8K (the cheapest..LOL)
Try the cheese one.. The taste is goooooodddd..
Not great but gooooooodddd (with many 'o')

Greentea and i forgot the other tastes
Try it, if you never
But, i believe all of you already tasted it before i did =.=""

This one is kue soes~~~

Bonus dessert picts

Some dessert from Crystal Jade Palace, Grand Indonesia..

I'm huge fans of dessert!!!
That's why i always struggle with my weight
I prefer not having main course, than dessert

*seriously my english so awful, hen diu lian*

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Diana Ang said...

maquis nya ada di mall mana?
aku juga suka dessert hahaha

Amadea Larissa said...

suddenly i feel so hungry XD
keliatan enak bangettt
yummy ><