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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dine And Families

This post gonna started by my narccisstic photos!!

I think this narcist thing already in my blood and my vein

Dinner at Crystal Jade Palace
For celebrate my uncle's birthday

What I Wore

Me, mom and sista

Another family's pict

I lack of words for this post.. Just a small family gathering..
Truly and maybe, i post this just for my narcisstic reason.
Publish some of my photos, and doing an editing stuff
Bo kang co~~~

mmm.. how about some additional picts??

The next day!!
Bodycon for top and put a black skirt..

And~~~ i'm not the stuff that can be "buy two get one free".. LOL..

I think i did too much effect on my pictures.. I'm so lame with photoshop =.="


Francesca♥Dellacroix said...

Do you use contact lenses? Your eyes are so alluring! x3

u-ung said...

you look so cute!!!

Amadea Larissa said...

you look soo prettyyy
sorry but,may i know what's ur shoes' brand? :D i love it ;DD


ye55i said...

I love the dress! hahaha.. you look so cute. ;)

joninel said...

i like your outfit. come to visit me girl