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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nuovo Me

So, this is my first post in 2014. I want to show the new me! Completely new style, new hair. 
After having mid-long hair and very long hair for more than 12 years, i finally cut it.
No doubt, no regret, just wanna have a fresh look.

You can take a peek to my previous post and my 2nd previous post. Hmm.. how about i post the photos again.I'm certainly not a lazy blogger :p

[Taken on August 2013 and May 2012]
Long hair forever. Seriously i thought i'll let it like that for a life time.

In October 2013,

And now, my new hair in 2014!

~ Btw, i've been wearing braces for a year. Rarely smiling lately, because my mouth looks full of steel :( ~

Am i over excited and over reacted?? YES!! Because i love my new hair *dancing*
Why did not i cut it sooner??? 

I'm having extreme diet to lose some weights to prepare my self for this haircut. Because having a short hair on a chubby face (i have baby fat on my cheeks since i was born) is a big no-no. I only lost 2,5 kilos so far. But suprisingly, my cheeks are smaller and my cheekbones is a lil bit showed. 
But, i'm not really like my new hair colour, it's not what i expected :(

So, YAY or NAY?