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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Traveller's Prep

So busy this lately. Hmmm.. not absolutely busy, i just don't have enough time to do all my ordinary activity. Feel like my energy is be sucked up! *SIGH*
Don't know why i choose that title of this post. I think i look like traveller. Quite simple look. Blazer and trousers and accumulated it with black pumps and satchel. New glasses frame on my face. And for your information, i have severe miopi, unhealthy eyes. So the glasses is functional.

Poses Poses Poses Poses
I think i'm getting good at posing. Since i work in the field of fashion and must handle the photoshoot sometimes. Frequently see the models posing in professional manner. LOL. At first, i felt so suck when compared with the models *sob*
I wore everything that 'not fresh', i mean all the items have been posted in here. But i mixed and matched it again with other style. Preppy look for this time.


A lot photos, a bit words. What a failure as a blogger. I don't have time (alibi). Usually take an hour to do one post. And i don't have that so much time. HAHAHAHAHA *act so busy*. My sista said, "So just abandoned your blog lah!". I'm thinking and thinking and thinking. I CAN'T leva my blog like this. I started it with full of passion. Should keep it.
Support me! Support me! LOL

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lollipop Fun

This lately we kinda be invaded by spring 2011 trends : COLORBLOCK! I don't have the courages to buy, to own, to wear colorblock outfit. And i'm also not interested on that kind of outfit when i looked at DVF's or maybe ZARA's windows display. Then suddenly i found my ooooollllddddd pants. Green pants, i bought it when i was in high school. *CRING* I pulled out my pink tee and wore it with the green pants.

Not confident!!!!! It's weird~ I asked my sister about my look, she said "hmmmm...okayyy..quite good" WTF! Didn't pump up my confidence. She suggested me to do photoshoot and post it on my blog.

I thought maybe i need your opinions about my LOLLIPOP outfit, it looks like candy. =p



Damn i can't stop laughing while i write this~~~~

Should i change the title of this post to "WATERMELON"???

Pink, green, orange. Fresh!

I tried to take another shoot of my dazzle pink tee with short pants, i like this more than my green pants. Long feet *BRAGGING*

Saturday, May 14, 2011


You know what, i have a new role model now! I ever mentioned about how much i like Paris Hilton when i was a teenager?? LOL. Okay, it's the past!

This lately i really really like Arissa Cheo. I like her looks, her elegance image, i like anything about her. So don't be shocked if one day i decide to look like her!! *giggling* Yeah, all women in this universe deserve to have an idol to be role models in fashion, style, appearance, lifestyle, hair style, etc.

How about you, girls?? Who's your role model these days?? Tell and share it with me :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Ceremony!

Finally! It's officially! Just had a graduation ceremony last Saturday. One of the biggest event of my life, the one that brought me into the next life phase. Although the ceremony pretty boring but this is the day i couldn't forget. Am i sound a little bit tacky? Please understand lah, my first experience. LOL

So the day began with me heading to photo studio to wearing kebaya, hairdressing, and doing make up. Then took a family photo plus my own photo wearing graduation gown (we called it toga). After that, since the event started at 14:00, then me, mom, sister and huppi went to Muara Karang to had some meal. When i enjoyed my food, then my friends texted me about how heavy the rain that fell. And it jammed everywhere! Yeah i almost got late that day. My heart was beating so fast along the road to JCC.

But, Thanks to GOD, i could be there on time and spent a great moment with them :)


HAHAHAHA. It's quite cool~~

With my closest person of my life.

Me and my friends!

Graduation dinner with fams

Happy graduation for my self and my friends! My college life with all of you was so much. Miss the days when we were depressed together, when some of you always stayed at my home (my secret isolation room) to do the task until morning, when we often sat in the lecturer room, and when we took alot pictures in class!

Oh shit~~can we go back to those days???? pleaseee~~~