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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm Photoshop-Moron

Seriously, i'm baaaaddddddd with this photoshop stuff.
Even i couldn't crop beautifully, LOOK!! my body look like bitten by my own nail * random words*

Heel no! even no shadow. i'm flying without wings.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. The original background still exist, look at my feet =.=

Ummmm.. My heels broken..

I decided not to over-photoshop my picts anymore. Brightness and contrast is okay, but not other tools.


What I Wore
Arithalia Navy Blue Dress
Zara Heels
Balenciaga Clutch


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm 22 Years Old and I'm Super!

I'm older!!
That is the first thought i got into my mind. LOL..
Yup, i'm 22! And my "22" is So Far So Gooddddd~~

This lately i feel so scared abt i'm getting old and ugly
Seriously depressed!

I couldn't have a perfect night sleep for last couple months (and that affect my healthiness, and i look so fugly). Plus i turned 22 (that means i'm getting older)
*back to the scared of old and ugly topic*

Butttttt.. however whatever, i'm so glad abt me having a ordinary but GREAT birthday
*yeaa, who dont like birhtday cake and blow candles, right??*
Thanks to my fams, my friends, and my huppi

My first cake from huppi. Got it at 00.00!

Me concentrated and posed like i'm going stab the cake *wat a fake-pose*

Dinner with fams at Marche *quick decision after no body answer me where we should hav dinner*
I love you, mom

This one is birthday cake from my friends

umm..I got 3 cakes, but one of those were bought for a silly purpose!!
Ever heard abt moisturizer cake?? I got one on my face. And it's so deliciously oily creamy
Already tried it twice during my life

I'm so flattered of their happy devil expression
Good job, gals. You got me!

And birthday's lunch with some of my friends
Plus my ugly non-makeup face :(

Narciss Sister~
After had family birthday's dinner

Friday, October 1, 2010

Geez! Crazy about Them

Crazy about who? About what?

First, i'm crazy about these two hot guys, from different part of our huge world.
One is asian, and one is american. One is yellow and the other one is white.

Paul Wesley! Have you watched Vampire Diaries?? That series become my favourite, and i put it on my series-list that i shud watch every year..
And while everybody put their attention on ian somehalder, but my eyes are attracted to Paul Wesley.
I just like him more. Stefan Salvatore is so cool maybe or so so so what?!? i don't know lah..
I like him so let me :p

The other guy is Kim Jae Wook!
Believe me, i'm not a korean addict that always yelling in front of my pc's screen while watchin kpop music video. i'm not that girl.
So how do i know Kim Jae Wook? yeah, korean drama of course. LOL.
It has been a while i don't have any interest on korean male artist.

Yeah, no need to over-explain abt my craziness.

Next, what i'm crazy for??

There's no single day i'm not staring at evening gowns these lately.
Every evening gown is damn elegant, so pretty, luxury-style.
Why i don't have any luxury event that i can wear bunch of those gowns that i stare at it everyday??
I even can't choose which gown picts that i should post in here.

And the last one, i'm not crazy about who or what, but i'm crazy because my final project. But Thanks God! i got a highest poin in my group for evaluation1 yesterday.
I wish the final result will be better or be the best!

Will be very extremely busy for the days ahead.
And wait for my next randomly not interesting post :p