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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Her Bornday

Had a dinner at Poke Sushi to celebrate my sista's birthday.
My mom choosed Poke because she missed udon.. LOL..
And my sista can't decided where to celebrate her birthday with us.

My pants rumpled T_T

What I Wore
Black Shirt by Esprit Pants by Zara Black Purse by Gobellini Shoes by Charles & Keith

Me and My Sista
*look at her outfit, maybe i will wear it and gonna post it later :p*

Wish her the best.. Love you my sista ^^

Camwhoring with my sista at my garage. My mom said that she thinks that the garage gonna be a studio soon , just put some lamps.
Good idea, mom!

I wore my sis' zara shoes.. Too little for my feet..

Friday, July 23, 2010

Last Semester Holiday

We will soon be very busy on our final exam on our las semester.
And before we get stress-out at this final exam so some campus' friends decided to have a quality fun time together.
Such a lil' bit difficult to gathered so many ppl..
But Thanks for my lovely friend that can make it..
Lunch with them at Sushi Tei and took picts ^^
May the memories last forever!!!

*i felt like my english is such a failure in paragraph above*

What a pervert face.. OMG!!!

What I Wore
Purple top from my auntie
Black legging
The Little Things She Needs white flat shoes
Chanel tote bag
Casio silver watch

Appreciating Togetherness

Life is very short, if it can still be together then take care of this togetherness. That's my parent taught me.
What does it mean if life is short but we still fill it with hate, attacking each other, enmity with relatives, family and friends?

Why i posted abt this? Last few years, every year there must be some relatives or friends who died. Started it with my dad (miss him so much TT), and then my grandma, and my cousin (two days ago).
I still remember that we had
a family dinner at GI, last month. She was strugling to give birth for her next baby girl. But she lost so many blood and something worse happened to her after the baby was born. (check this post for more)

She was a very kind-hearted person. Everyone is always talked about her kindness. Good people always leave so soon. Such an irony, but deep down of our hearts we know that they have been happy living in the light.
I super very believe that!

The picts taken on february, Chinese New Year
She's holding her 2nd child in this pict

Life is beautiful if it is passed with unity, love, and peace~~~

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

TQL's Giveaway and Award!

I decided to join this giveaway from TQL..
This is her 2nd giveaway, she offering

Like i said on my previous post that i always attreacted with body care equipment.. I think this giveaway very interesting..
Really hope that i'll get this..

Visit her blog too for more information and you can join it too..


I got award from marchella~~
Uber thanks ..

and there are the question with this award,

1. Berapa blog yang kamu punya dan berapa umurnya?

i only have one blog at blogspot and one microblog aka twitter.. LOL..
I start this Tinkerlia's since 2009..
Still amateur one..

2. Sejak kapan kamu mengenal dunia blog?

ummm.. not so sure.. i think already a while..
Maybe since junior high school, but not interested to have one at that time ;p

3. Mengapa tertarik membuat blog dan untuk apa?

because i'm so inspired with so many blogger.
And i found so much amazing blog, anykind of blog. Fashion blog, mistery blog, daily blog, education blog, etc..
But of course fashion blog is my fave..

4. Apa kelebihan dan kekurangan blog kamu?

PLUS : i think the plus point of my blog is that i share anything in here, readers can have any information from here.. from the important to useless..from the interesting to the boring.. LOL...
Sometimes i heard from some readers that their got any inspiration of daily outfit, or maybe some reccomendation abt food or movie or book..
So the randomness post is excess of my blog..

MINUS : i lazy to keep updating my blog, and i lack of anything too share sometimes..
And these things had make me almost give-up my blog.. TT

5. Award dan tag ini berikan kepada 5 teman blogger yang lain.

i'll pass this award to:

Friday, July 9, 2010

Shelf's Newcomers

I always concerned with the body, eg face, skin, cleanliness. It made me very often interested in buying a lot of beauty equipment.
But the problem is, i am a person who is easily bored and i was weak in term of routine. So, I guess there never was any beauty supplies that work on me T.T

And these two are newcomers on my shelf.

I had wrote about me really stress with my eyebags problem which is increasingly severe.
And i really need concealer or eye cream or eyesmask. Anything than probably could help to reduce the eyebags.

And TADAAA!! Eye cream by SISLEY ~rub it gently on your eyebag~
I got this!! BOLD it, that i GOT this not BOUGHT it..
That mean i got it from someone.. LOL

ummm... honestly, this is not eyecream.. It's written "eye and lip contour balm with botanical extract"
Whatever is this, i hope it can help my eyebag problem..

The other one is body lotion..
Musk by Alyssa Ashley
Don't u remember this lotion??
This has been around since i was a toddler or a child.
There were periods when this lotion is missing and can not be found anywhere..
And when i suddenly found it at supermarket, and i immediately bought it..
Although i realize that i would often forget to use it ;p

I only hope that i can use all of my beauty equipment routinely so i can get the good effort of everything that i already bought..
or it would all be money wasted~~

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rush to Go, Rush to Back

Last Sunday was my day out with my high school beasties
I was so in hurry yesterday
I bathed and did make up only in 15minutes straight..
*seriously that's my fastest record, because i usually take an hour to get dress and make up.. not proud of it.. but i just can't do it faster even i want it to*

And then ran to my friend's home
I was late and not in time

We decided to had Eclipse, we rushed to queue a line for ticket, and we didn't got it..
We moved to PI, and we got it
Movie was gonna start in 45min, and we rushed to Pizza ebirra to had lunch

Almost late for the movie, but we could make it
After finish the movie, we rushed to back home, because one of my friend wanted go to church

How a rush fun Sunday.. LOL..