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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pursue The Dream

Finally i got this blogging spirit back. This post is my first post on 2013. I already abandoned this blog since July 2012. Somehow i really miss it!

Many people say that they wanna grow up quickly. But in the time you being one of the grown-up, you'll beg for turn back the time. Why? Because along with our increasing age, we also diminish our free time. For me, it's my time to pursue my dream, my happiness, and success.

I left my job in one of developing fashion e-commerce nearly the end of 2012. I was daring myself to make a move to accomplish my dream.  And now, i am on my way! LOL
My sister and i started this clothingshop about  2 years ago. And we decided to design and manufacture the products since 2013. It's really need a super hardwork and extra time plus financial support to make it through.

So, i want to ask many suppports from you! :) :)
In this moment, you can browse my collection only from ELLIA facebook fanpage. We had launch ELLIA Spring Collection 2013 on January. And, the summer collection is on proccess.
Our website is COMING SOON!

I'm wearing one of ELLIA Spring collection

What i wore : Flavio Silk Shirt from ELLIA, cream pants from Zara, quilted chain slingbag from Zara, and black heels from Dorothy Perkins

See you on my next post!