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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring 2010 Hit List

Share something! Spring is coming, what should we wear?? Which one we choose??

Yes, i know there's no season named spring in Indonesia. LOL *not funny*

Graphic Pattern

Be dare! Stripes invasion.

Boat Totes

I like this i like this. Nautical style, nautical colors.

The Long Skirt

I'm sure most of us already have this skirt. My sis have one too features lace fabric.

Cool Cover-Ups

Color Blocking

Pink plus yellow. Green plus purple. Brown plus green. Blue plus pink. Colorblock attack!

Found a colorblock dress via Although the color isn't too flashy, but this dress could be an option to look trendy in our ordinary day-out.


Sorry, i'm not going to wear this one. Asian face highly unsuitable to wear this. Especially my face!

Boyish Flats

Aaaaa. I want this so much. I'm a huge fans of dresses, pick a boyish flats would make me look so more trendy. Would i??

Marc by Marc Jacobs

I think this one can be wore anytime. Never get wrong with this.

White Jeans

I remember that white jeans had been a trend a decade ago (maybe). Try to take a peek on your old closet.


This one is definitely not my style. Pass it~

Source: All picts are taken from


Viv said...

i think they are all worth a try.. i would love for a turban to work on me but you might be right about the asian faces.. headbands don't even STAY on my head...

Sam said...

love all the pictures! i love all the trends! :)

inge luciana said...

the pink maxi looks so gorgeous..

Ivy Sie said...

Nice pictures. I think we both have the same style! I loveeee dresses too :)) and punk is so not my style.