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Monday, April 4, 2011

From G to B

I always wear any floral prints with girly style. But this time i tried to make it look more boyish. I still doubt whether i did it well or didn't.

Fail #1 : Cute pose + weird face

Fail #2 : Tried to look elegant ('staring a far-away spot' pose)

This one quite good lah. Everytime i look at this pict, i feel i must discontinue my diet. So skinny in here.

Some people said to me,"You already so thin and slim, why you always on diet program??" "You don't need complain lah, i'm more fat than you" "Not grateful! Which part of your body need to be lost?"

The answer is : "Just let me lose 2 kilos, let me back to my normal weight" T_T

Succeed! Got a satisfying pict. *laughing*

All i wore is old stuff except the black sweater: Zara black sweater from my friends, green floral skirt by p'parazi.


chopstick panorama said...

you are really cute. :D Suits you! I like floral skirts.

Rebecca Clairine said...

this is sweet !
u look cute ,
love the shoes :)