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Monday, April 18, 2011


Left the title blank. I'm really suck on picking and writing a good title post. Just want to share some of my daily photos. Happy time with my family and my huppy.

Last saturday was my first time i tried to eat in TOKIO kitchen at Central Park.According to several of my friends, TOKIO offer tasty Japanese food. My first impression is "wow! it's look like marche but in Japanese style" But the system inside is a bit messy. I ordered okonomiyaki, rice stone bowl, yakiudon, sushi, and fruity shaved ice. All is yummy, worth a try! :)

This part of wall is so cute. Collection of manga drawing on blackboards.

They put this VW as a cashier, and paint it with rainbow pattern. Creative. Kinda made me confuse at first, Why put a car inside a restaurant?? Okay TOKIO is foodcourt not restaurant :p

What a nice interior :)

My sista, my mom, and me.

ME ME ME! It's ME!

Forced my huppie to take pictures with me. And not intentionally got this strange pose.

Me and huppie.. Taken by my sista.

By the way, just realized after i almost finished writing this post, I forgot to photograph the food!! This should be the culinary post but at the end, it's still a narcist post (again). I think, i should make a professional narcist blog :p


LiezyL said...

awww, so cute the me, me and me part!

Stevia said...

the place looks great!!
thank you so much for your sweet comment


Anonymous said...

nice pictures to share :)

sweet and sugars,

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Great pictures, so cute :)


Reg Rodriguez said...

that restaurant looks really nice, love the quirky interiors! :) i have a hard time coming up with titles too! haha!


H-S said...
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H-S said...

i will go to this place someday... unique place to hang out


Mayna Prabandari said...
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Mayna Prabandari said...

wow, such a great place to visit.
anyway thanks for leaving me a comment :)

Sam said...

i am in love with your top! and congrats on being a semifinalist! :)

Florence said...

You're such a doll. Gorgeous!

I followed you. thanks for your comment on my blog!

Michelle said...

cute top! :D