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Monday, April 25, 2011

Over Pleated Sleeves

Pleated sleeves top, asymmetric cut at front, v-neckline that features a ruffled collar. What a great treasure from my mom. LOL. Seriously, this top was my mom's, and i found it in the upper corner wardrobe, wrapped with a plastic. I found alot treasures for sure, this top is one of them.

Choose a high-waist pants as the bottom. This pants isn't mine, it's my sister's so it's kinda too big for me and look rumpled.

"old treasure" from my mom as top, high-waist pants from random, black heels from steve madden, flower earrings from forever 21


Big head, tiny body, look like caricature =p

Btw, i'm chosen as one of 500 semifinalists of shopping queen by

Mad happy! But i have a huge problem to step forward, there's an interview for that 500 semifinalists, and it's precisely on my graduation day! Shit~~~



LiezyL said...

love the whole ensemble!

Redcherii said...

Wow even though it's your mom's top, it still looks cute and different at the same time. Well in a good way of course! :D

Pretty blog, I'm a follower now.
Do you mind to check out mine?
Thank you :)

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Great outfit! Love the top <3 You are so pretty!


Nettie said...

I love your top! Pretty!

augustalolita said...

indeed what a treasure!! your mom has great style <3 love the outfit and photos!!

Jeniffer said...

love the top.. I also found many great things on my mom's closet... =)

Chim Chim Cherry

Lisa and Kirana said...

hey, congratulations for your graduations! thanks for stoppin by on my blog dear :D