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Friday, July 23, 2010

Appreciating Togetherness

Life is very short, if it can still be together then take care of this togetherness. That's my parent taught me.
What does it mean if life is short but we still fill it with hate, attacking each other, enmity with relatives, family and friends?

Why i posted abt this? Last few years, every year there must be some relatives or friends who died. Started it with my dad (miss him so much TT), and then my grandma, and my cousin (two days ago).
I still remember that we had
a family dinner at GI, last month. She was strugling to give birth for her next baby girl. But she lost so many blood and something worse happened to her after the baby was born. (check this post for more)

She was a very kind-hearted person. Everyone is always talked about her kindness. Good people always leave so soon. Such an irony, but deep down of our hearts we know that they have been happy living in the light.
I super very believe that!

The picts taken on february, Chinese New Year
She's holding her 2nd child in this pict

Life is beautiful if it is passed with unity, love, and peace~~~

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