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Friday, July 9, 2010

Shelf's Newcomers

I always concerned with the body, eg face, skin, cleanliness. It made me very often interested in buying a lot of beauty equipment.
But the problem is, i am a person who is easily bored and i was weak in term of routine. So, I guess there never was any beauty supplies that work on me T.T

And these two are newcomers on my shelf.

I had wrote about me really stress with my eyebags problem which is increasingly severe.
And i really need concealer or eye cream or eyesmask. Anything than probably could help to reduce the eyebags.

And TADAAA!! Eye cream by SISLEY ~rub it gently on your eyebag~
I got this!! BOLD it, that i GOT this not BOUGHT it..
That mean i got it from someone.. LOL

ummm... honestly, this is not eyecream.. It's written "eye and lip contour balm with botanical extract"
Whatever is this, i hope it can help my eyebag problem..

The other one is body lotion..
Musk by Alyssa Ashley
Don't u remember this lotion??
This has been around since i was a toddler or a child.
There were periods when this lotion is missing and can not be found anywhere..
And when i suddenly found it at supermarket, and i immediately bought it..
Although i realize that i would often forget to use it ;p

I only hope that i can use all of my beauty equipment routinely so i can get the good effort of everything that i already bought..
or it would all be money wasted~~


Diana Ang said...

hahaha sama aku juga jarang pake body lotion. suka lupa dan males pake :P

Stevia said...

i have the exact same problem
kantong mata
mata panda
mengerikan sekali matanya
sering disangka kurang tidur pdhl tidur sudah lebih dari cukup
let me know if that sisley thing works :)

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