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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Welcoming Wedding's Guest

On May, 2nd 2010, was my huppy's cousin's wedding. And i did my job as receptionist....mmm...can't be called like that.
How to mention "penerima tamu" in English language??
Okayy it's really a receptionist (by google translate)

Very pleased to gain the trust and the opportunity to become a receptionist. It has been my 2nd time.
Nothing special, but tiring. T_T
Even I can not get a lot of pictures taken during the day.

Only a few photos in spare time. That's mean narcissist picts!! Lalalala~~~~

With My Huppy

With my sista. Fyi, she's one of guests, and i sneak to take a picture with her.

With Ming2

Camwhoring after finished the make up session~~~
And it's BLURRR!! just realized it in a sec ago.. Deng deng~~

TADAA~~ I'm the narcist one

I guess i do not really like the whole make-up. Looked at the mirror, and....stranger! LOL
I prefer the eyeliner and blush-on. Ordinary daily make up..

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