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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lovely Dung Dung Day

Dung Dung Dung Day!!
It's mean one day in Bandung with my friends.. Sweet escape.. ^^

The day began very early. I woke up at 5.30, and fyi, that's my earliest morning since 2years ago or maybe more. LOL

We had an appointment to gather at Cheesecake Factory. and Debby and I are the earliest arriving. It's such a miracle!!
"Keajaiban itu nyata", It is a maxim which is often uttered by the Indonesian people.
okay! back to the topic~~

We leaved Jakarta about 7 o'clock and arrived 2 hours later.
And we headed to Rumah Mode *woman's activity*

After that we went directly to Prima Rasa, and then FO again.
Shopping, culinary tour, did hiao photo shoot.. Yay yay!

Wherever we go, it's such great, relaxing and wonderful day!
I Love you all, dear!!!

The Girls~~


Teat Time at Nanny's Pavillion

Blueberry Pancake

40K mocktail!

Chizzz~~~~ Click Click!!


Tinker's Booth

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Anonymous said...

great photos you guys looks so cute enjoy have a great day guys