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Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Shocking Colour!

I bought a new NYX round lipstick! Eucalyptus~~~
*difficult name of colour =.="
Okay i tell you that the colour is shocking pink. I was craving for pink lip-coloring.

Here is the new lipstick

Umm~~ of course there's a reason why i suddenly decided to buy a new colour. Becauseeeee, last 4 days i watch korean series Oh! My Lady! (cast: Choi Siwon and ChaeRim)
In that series, the antagonist is a beautiful woman named Hong YooRa (played by Park Han Byul), her lips is fabulous on shocking pink lipstick.
So, in a moment i started to think that i should buy one for myself..And i get it today.. LOL..

~Pict updated later~


Bonus: Me an My Sista, Vheeya

I didn't have anything to share this lately. Just not in the mood to take any picts of my life.
I should pump my spirit to post so much things in here T_T
Jia You!!

Keep read my post, okay??


Diana Ang said...

love the color of your lipstick :)

Just 4 [ life ] said...

...... shocking pink......its very shocking ....duar!

Lia Waroka Putri said...

I love pink colour too and mine is from The Face Shop =)
oh and whatta coincidence! I know ur sister, Livia Pangdoko isnt she?

maybe u dont mind to exchange link? :D

Keep rockin',