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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fabulous Gifts

I'm so extremely happy!
It's done!! Finally finished my final project. And finally i'll back to my ordinary old life. I can do whatever i want in happy atmosphere. Now, i'm wishing for a good mark.
Lalalalalaaala~~~~ *can't stop smiling*
Very grateful to many ppl around me that helped me during those times. My mom, sista, huppi, my friendddsss.. You are such a great angels of my life.

Andddd... i got a new blackberry on december from my huppi. Plus new camera from my mommy last week. Count it as christmas' and new year's gits. It's really happiness frenzy. *still can't stop smiling*

Graduate, blackberry, camera, happy family, great friends, lovely huppi are fabulous gift for me. Thanks so much God
Yeahh, realize my life's journey still very very very long, but let me happy and free for a while lah..

New device in my bag's pocket

I'm not a gadget lover, i could use one device until 2-3years or maybe more. But when my huppy bought it and surprisingly brought it to my house i was so flattered. LOL
That night i was doing my assignment with my friend who stayed couple nights.

*smooch this*

Sony nex-3! yeahhhh

honestly, i wanna buy olympus pen camera, but when i compared those two cameras in the shop, this one is smaller and cheaper (just a little bit cheaper lah)
I know there's a new sony nex-5, but the price still so expensive, and i had drained my money for my final project.
Fyi, i spent abt 5millions for my final.

TADAAA the 5mill project!!

Me and FoodBay

I design new foodcourt that located at Grand Indonesia. Fictitious project.
A new concept foodcourt, with bay atmosphere.


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