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Monday, January 17, 2011

Bangs Dilemma

I wanna have a hair cut soon. But i'm kinda confuse about my bangs.
I made a little survey couple days ago about my bangs. Am i good in short or long bangs??
And the result is 65percent said i'm good with long bangs and 40percent give votes for short one. 5percent vote for ridiculous hairstyle. LOL
Confused me so muchh!
My mom said that long bangs make me look older than my actual age.

How about your idea??

Same top different day. LOL
Put it together, maybe can compare it easier.

About my long bangs, i don't know how to make my hair fall beautifully on my head. I'm suck on hair-do.

I wish my bangs like this

Fluffy bangs!

But it always shape like this

Cover my right eye. Fugly lah.
So envy ppl with thick hair, mine is so thin, i think i can count it in 1days only.

Next info, i addicted with this "Triple M" seaweed. I'm eating it right now.

Give it a try!!

I wrote alot "bangs" word.. Weird~


LiezyL said...

i think you look better with short bangs.

Thekla said...

love your LV bag: check it out hope you like it:)

j o v a n n y c said...

You look better with short bangs.. i got so tired of mine covering my hair so i cut it straight and it didn't turn out very
Wanna exchange links and follow each other?? I've just recently made a blog haha

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yiqin; said...

i love the triple m seaweed too!!

Yessica said...

I like you with the short bang! Yes, the long bang makes you look older. =)