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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm Photoshop-Moron

Seriously, i'm baaaaddddddd with this photoshop stuff.
Even i couldn't crop beautifully, LOOK!! my body look like bitten by my own nail * random words*

Heel no! even no shadow. i'm flying without wings.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. The original background still exist, look at my feet =.=

Ummmm.. My heels broken..

I decided not to over-photoshop my picts anymore. Brightness and contrast is okay, but not other tools.


What I Wore
Arithalia Navy Blue Dress
Zara Heels
Balenciaga Clutch


1 comment:

Becky Regina said...

Haha I'm not good in editing too . Beautiful dress by the way ! And happy belated birthday !