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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm 22 Years Old and I'm Super!

I'm older!!
That is the first thought i got into my mind. LOL..
Yup, i'm 22! And my "22" is So Far So Gooddddd~~

This lately i feel so scared abt i'm getting old and ugly
Seriously depressed!

I couldn't have a perfect night sleep for last couple months (and that affect my healthiness, and i look so fugly). Plus i turned 22 (that means i'm getting older)
*back to the scared of old and ugly topic*

Butttttt.. however whatever, i'm so glad abt me having a ordinary but GREAT birthday
*yeaa, who dont like birhtday cake and blow candles, right??*
Thanks to my fams, my friends, and my huppi

My first cake from huppi. Got it at 00.00!

Me concentrated and posed like i'm going stab the cake *wat a fake-pose*

Dinner with fams at Marche *quick decision after no body answer me where we should hav dinner*
I love you, mom

This one is birthday cake from my friends

umm..I got 3 cakes, but one of those were bought for a silly purpose!!
Ever heard abt moisturizer cake?? I got one on my face. And it's so deliciously oily creamy
Already tried it twice during my life

I'm so flattered of their happy devil expression
Good job, gals. You got me!

And birthday's lunch with some of my friends
Plus my ugly non-makeup face :(

Narciss Sister~
After had family birthday's dinner


babyskiffie said...

happy birthday to you!! welcome to the post 21 club! xx

~ marchella ~ said...

heppy birthday ci :) hoho..

Turquoise and Lily said...

happy belated bday..

fhen said...

happy belated birthday! :)
all the best for years ahead