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Sunday, November 7, 2010

We'll Miss You, Whitey

Last week is a mourning week, because we lost our lovely pet, my bunny named Bai-Bai.
OhmyGOD~ i'm so damn upset.

BaiBai been lack of appetite since last week, and we were so worried. Then, i took her to doctor, and the doctor examined and said he's okay. Maybe he was stress or wat.
They injected him, and gave him appetite enhancer.
But next two days, on Tuesday morning, he already died.

I crieeeddd beside him, my mom cried too, because my mom took care of him most of the time, because my activities outside home.

BaiBai has lived with us for about 1 year. And he was obedient happy pampered rabbit.
Some ppl said that if a bunny is not easily familiar to us, but baibai was different, he loved to be caressed, was so glad to sitting on our lap, he's even been able to pee and poo in his own place. He liked to follow our step, follow me wherever i go.
He could ask for his food if hungreyy. Seriously i think sometimes he was acted like a dog, but of course baibai is the cutest in the world!
Damn cute bunny i've ever seen

When he was a little bunny.. Cute to the max!

While he was in his cage (looks like sitting inside a prison)
*maybe he wanna get out from there :D*

Picts that i took on his last day. He didn't want to play out of his cage and he inside the cage when i took him to the doctor.
What is doctor of pet called? Forget

I pet him for a year, and i cried out loud when he past away, i couldn't imagine what if i pet him for more than 5 years (yeahh, bunny can't live till 5years for sure)

Rest In Peace, BaiBai

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Dee O. said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your pet :( I hope you are starting to feel better though, it's always so sad when you lose something or someone you love.