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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Random Stuffs

This lately, I'm really busy with internships and there are some problems that need to be resolved.
I really want to update the blog but I felt lazy. When I have opened a blog, I feel confused about what to write in here. LOL

While doing my work at home, I saw some equipment that I use frequently. And after I see it, all of that things are for the purposes of facial beauty.
Woman is such a beauty's slave..Because we will spent whatever it cost and times to maintain ourselves.

My Cleaning stuff.
All korean products, because the korean stuffs is more mild.
Less unnecessary chem.

My favourite moisturizer cream.
Hazeline and The Body Shop.
I use hazeline since i was a kid. My mom said it's not gonna harm my skin.
I don't know, is it true or not. ^^

I always complain but black circle under my eyes. And i give a hard try to fix that black circle.
Garnier roll on and Purederm Cucumber Pads is kinda work to relax my eyes..
Panda's Eyes, go away!!

Red Earth (oldstuff but nice colour), My Fave lipstick from NYX, and Missha,
I always bring that 2 NYX round lipsticks everywhere. I know you love it too..

A year ago, i'm always use lipgloss. Maybe i was a huge fans of lipgloss.
Maybelline and Etude lipgloss

Actually, i'm not a big fans of eyeshadow. And i rarely use it. Because i don't know how to put that colours on my eyes. If i use it, sometimes i look trashy. Bah!

Left-Right : Etude Lash Remover, The Body Shop Mascara, eyeliner from Sephora, The Face Shop liquid eyeliner (my mom bought it from KL), Maybelline Volume Express Mascara, NYXFelt Tip Liner

Those are my eyes' make up stuff. I can't live without eyebrow pencil and eyeliner.
And if i don't use mascara for my lashes, maybe you gonna ask me, where's your lashes?? duh!
Thanks for the inventor of eyes' make up.. ^^ ..

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