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Friday, April 30, 2010

Fhenny's Bracelet Giveaway

I really really really love this bracelet.. And i already look for something like this since January..
And Fhenny from Little Miss Fhenny has decided to give this beautiful bracelet in her giveaway!! So lucky to visited her blog and found her giveaway ^^

I'm so excited! And i really fall in love with this stuff..
Wish me luck!!

So. that's all abou Fhenny and her charming giveaway. You should check her blog too, she has a gorgeous blog with alot wonderful photos..


han q said...

goodluck for the giveaway :)

tattoo freak

Vanessa said...

good luck :)

Marina e Camilla said...

it's wonderful... good luck!! :D

Sherly Nee said...

bracelet with eiffel tower.nice :)
good luck :)