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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Red and Red Mini Floral

Red Theme for my day.. Mmmm.. not to red lar.. Just a little red in my top, my flat, and my BB case.. Actually, that day i spent it with my friends. But i forgot to take some pictures because they should leave soon.
Only had a dinner together at Pizza Marzano and then say goodbye.

What I Wore Top : bought it from my cousin Skirt : Random Flatshoes : The Little Thing She Needs Purse : Chanel Flap Bag

So hiao ~~ Always take a picture of myself
Btw, i love Blizzard from Dairy Queen this lately. It's not a new stuff from DQ. But i bored with frozen yoghurt, and i found this blizzard. LOL.. It's written in the cup, "Serve It Upside Down" And everytime the cashier give it to us, they gonna turn around the cup.

Nyummyyyyyy~~ Hao Chi

Here it is, my red hardcase.
This hardcase only cost me 15K.
Very cheap hor??
The cheapest bb case i ever bought.


Diana Ang said...

wew.. murah banget hardcasenya hahaha. makin lama aksesoris BB bakal makin murah deh kayanya hehehe

ye55i said...

Huaaah.. cakep dheee with red and black outfit. =)

u-ung said...

you look beautiful!!!!

Rebecca Clairine said...

blog walking . :)

my 1st visited to ur blog ce !
wonderful blog . :D

what a cheap hardcase ?! *.*
lucu pula . hihi . >o< .

visit back yah ce ^^


RATU said...

you're sooooo pretty!!