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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Double Boys Plus Double Girls

It means double date.. ^__^

The boy is my huppy's oldfriend. He is going to university at Taiwan. And he spent the holiday back to Jakarta.
And the girl is his GF. She's his classmate at Taiwan. Indonesian one too.. ^^

Dan hupppy ngajakin mereka buat jalan bareng.
We picked one day, and we spent some quality times at Sency.
And we watched Edge of Darkness, role by Mel Gibson. Shocking thrilling action movie.

TADAAA!! Here we are!!

Andi and Wifina
Visit her blog too ^^

James and Erlia
The boys And the girls

Top : Schon
Short : Guess
Bag : LV totebag
Shoes : charles&keith
Bangle : random from ITC
Leopard Scarf : OLshop

BTW, last sunday we back to Sushi Tei *AGAIN!?!?!?!?
Dan ditanyain ada yg ultah bulan Januari gak??
tuh si huppy lar..
Dapat privilege noh..dibikin kayak birthday cake gitu..
Tapi karena huppy vegetarian, yg makan gw dhe..

1 comment:

ye55i said...

Hey... you look so cute in that outfits! hehehe, love the scarf!
and love sushitei too!! hahaha, i eat there once a week! kindda addicted.. =)
btw, mind to exchange link? i've already linked yours. =)