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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Huppy's Birthday Week

Last week, i was busy with my lovely huppy birthday celebration.

It started on monday. We spent the day together to looking for his birthday gift.
I'm so
lame with "looking birthday gift" stuff.

Finally i gave up and brought him out with me to looking for what he wants..LOL..
He didn't want anything for his birthday. And that was piss me off.
At least mention one thing even it cheap or high expensive.

I let him choose between couple t-shirt or watch..
*well, i couldn't buy him more expensive watch than his daily use one.
( kok kayak nya grammar gue salah yah =.=' )
And finally! he choosed Esprit watch. Quite expensive.. T.T ..
I'm bankrupt!!
*i wish he's not gonna read this or he'll sell it..LOL

Updated: Huppy's gift
*finally he allowed me to take some pictures

Last Tuesday was his birthday. He spent it with me and my family. Because his family was so busy..
We went out to watch movie..MULAN..
And than dinner at The Grand Duck King, GI.

Durian Cake (their favourite) I forget the name, maybe "Asinan Tahun Baru"

Beauty and The Beast..LOL..
He's gonna kill me! *run!!
But i love u beib .. SMOOCHHHHH

What i wore. Nerd Style. =p

The next day, he asked me out and dinner at Sushi Tei. We spent the day at mall. And watched NINE..
*actually i want a romantic candle classy dinner..hiihihi..
He treated me Cream and Fudge too. <3>

I told him to pose like this. LOL And this is me me me!

I don't know why men love football things. Annoying.
And my huppy is football, gadget, and car lover. He calls that things his girlfriend WTF!

And, last Saturday, his parents ask some families, colleagues, and me plus my small family out for dinner.
After that, we went to huppy's house and karaOK!
*i forgot take any pictures that day T_T

PS: Ngeblog pake bahasa inggris acak adul mank susah. Beneran bingung ama kemampuan berbahasa gue. Gada bahasa yg gue kuasai bener. *hit me lar~~

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