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Friday, June 15, 2012

I Have Dresses, My Dresses Are Blue

€(cont) --  i have a friend, and my friend is you. Hahaha. That's a old poetry  that i used to write on my friend's book.

Back to my ordinary style! Feminine dress and heels. It's completely different with latest post, when i tried to try a new look.
I wore another blue dress at my uncle's birthday last week~ You can check my blue dress in here.
Some people tought that i wear a same dress. 
So in love with blue since i was a baby, i even didn't realize that i bought electric blue dress again. I just fell for it and directly bought it. Anyone of you such a blue-addict like me? LOL
I think that day was a good hair day! 

With my sista, vheeya. I like her necklaceeeee. I buy it from her (she sell it at her shop) after i saw one of pretty blogger from Philippine, Camille Co.

I'm soryy, Auntie, I coincidentally blocked you :p
I wore gold bangle from Mango

What i wore. This is so me. :) :) :)


Karina Novia said...

you're beautiful! <3 really really nice dress

Little Marshal said...

La robe est très élégante !

Agnes Chen said...

hi lovely, thanks for visiting my blog and for you sweet comment :)

i loovveee your posts!
wanna follow each other, hun? :)


Shirley said...

You are SOOO pretty!! I can't believe you dont have more followers! ahha, thank you for the cute comment(: Followed you♥ Hope you can follow back!

Fenny Yolanda said...

hello my doll hehehe just nice to see ur pretty fashion ^^
Keep doing it :)

lizchewy said...

You look gorgeous. Blue is one of my favourite colours too and I think blue suits you so well!!


Natalie Leung said...

its such a beautiful dress colour!


Gillian Uang said...

I love this classic look! :)

Followed you.

Caroline Susanto said...

I love your dress and bag! :D

btw, I have a Romwe dress giveaway on my blog ^^
Please visit my blog for more :


okky dommy said...

gorgeous! :)

Earlitha Olivia said...

nice outfit, love the bangle! you look so pretty, love your hair :)
love your blog posts, i'm your new follower, mind to follow back? thank you :)


Lena said...

Nice blog! we can follow each other if u want! i'll be very happy)

t said...

Nice dress!

Stevia said...

you look absolutely gorgeous in blue so why not wear them more? :)
It is fun to try new things but there's nothing wrong about coming back to the style you're most comfortable with

The Sweetest Escape 

Naina said...

So you're beautiful AND you're a poet ;) Ha, love it!

.brigittamonique. said...

thx for the comment :))
nice dress and also love your gold bangle

A Possible Fantasy said...

such a pretty dress! love minimal accessories!

do you want to follow each other (on bloglovin' and gfc)? let me know.
see you around!

Wendy said...

Great dress you look stunning!!
Thanks for the comment on my blog, follow you now!


Lola said...

Love this dress!

Chezka said...

Blue looks fabulous on you! The dress suits you so well, and you look so lovely =)
Thank you for the comment, hope to see you again sometimes =)
- Che

Fydez said...

Ah, you look so classy and beautiful! I love your outfit. X

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