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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Windy Mint

Who have this colour on wardrobe? Me! me! 
Fall in love with this loose blouse and bought one for my self so did my officemate. Yeah we bought it together.
I know every fashion people is like being stormed with green mint and baby peach colours these days. Fresh colour to light up our look. Pastel colour doesn't refer to sense of cute anymore. Mint sleeveles tops, mint trousers and pants, even mint purses. Aaaa  i want another Green Mint's stuffs!

What i wore: Top from random, my sister's skirt (don't know where she got it =p), coppola bag, zara camel heels, ysl ring, fendi bangle

My face was super swollen. Pillow-pale-face plus messy hair! Honestly, i was ready to go out that day, but after i reviewed the photos, i felt ugly~

Instagram : tinkerlia


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Love the top! Pretty =) X

JANICE G said...

definitely a graet color!

thanks for visiting my blog and left me a comment :)

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okky dommy said...

i want ur bag! *droooling

Suzie Q said...

Beautiful color blouse! Love the bag too. You have such a lovely style.

Suzie Q
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Cindy Karmoko said...

so pretty i love the color combination and your baggg FAB

Marta said...

Gorgeous outfit,lovely photos! Your blog is cool!

kelimutu said...

I love the color of your top! yeah, mint is on the trend. :)

craving for your bag. really. it's fab!


Stephani Janet said...

Love the mint top. , great big bag.

Anonymous said...

hehe you said a pillow's face..i often to have it too! ;) but you still so sweet in that shirt dear ;)

theres a free gift in my blog, come on and take it if you like ;)

Clara Turbay said...

Great look and good taste!

Stella Lunardy said...

You're so Gorgeous=)

Michelle Farrell said...

you do not look ugly at all! that top is gorgeous, I'm trying to find a sweet top with at that color but atm I'm failing hehe.

love your bag too :)

with love,

Anthea Lau said...

lovely mint blouse and I really like your bag xo
would you like to follow each other?

Jony said...

Beautiful outfit, love the mint blouse!

x Jony

Fydez said...

Love the color of your top! You look pretty! X

Kristina said...

Love the top! :)

I just bumped into your blog and after scrolling through your posts, I must say I really like it :) How about we follow each other? :)

Kisses from Zurich,