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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Brand is All About Glamour

Is it true?? Do you agree?? As we can see, many ppl out there who think that brand is their meassurement of glamour-ness.
I do not agree about this. You can be fashionable without involve "brand", you still can look wealthy, happy, healthy without "brand". But everyone has their one opinions and thoughts, right?
What do you like about branded stuff?? It's not always about glamoros.
I like the preserence of the logo, the sign of that brand. Do you ever noticed that those signs are somehow very attractive.


Dilan D said...

lovely post!

Yessica said...

Love Chanel and Mulberry..hahaha..

babyskiffie said...

I think it's a bit of both =)

Jane Reggievia said...

I'm the one who don't use anything with brands... brands isn't an important thing for me if I wear something. but I do love Balenciaga and Channel, haha (:

inge luciana said...

I do really love chanel. simple and fabulous :)

Anonymous said...

lovely picture! nice angles!
drop by again on my blog? :)

sweet and sugars,

Monica Kosasih said...

in the other words brand is all about prestige :p
anw thx for your compliments :D

Shirley Wijaya said...

nice post :D