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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Judicium Day

Last day on campuss. So much fun, but sad too. Maybe it'll become our last picts. :(


Bunny Poses with friends

I got this award from mellisaphie from overdressed girl.

Accepting this award, I'm asked to do the following:
1. thank and link the person who awarded me this award.
2. share 8 things about myself.
3. pay it forward to 8 bloggers that I have recently discovered.
4. contact those blogger and tell them about their awards.

8 random things about me:
1. I'm claustrophobia, i can't stay for a long time in cramped room (some cases inside car full of people or elevator). And i'm cockroach-phobia!!! This insect has ever made me cry a few times,so i had to drink sugar water to get rid of my shockness.

2. I'm a huge fans of shoes and purses. Not always buy branded stuff. But i have more than 35 pairs of shoes and a drawer plus hanger that full of purses. The hanger can hang more than 25 purses at the same time and it ever fell down and crashed. LOL (already fix it loh). But the fact is i'm a good shopper not a good user.

3. I don't understand technology. i'm suck of those things. Computer, mobile, etc

4. I have a dream to become a fashion designer or stewardess. This dream still exist.

5. I desperately wanna put braces on my teeth. My dad ever asked me when i was 11-12 years old if i want get my teeth straight or not. And i declined. :(

6. I hate ginger

7. I love watching movies and series. Go to theater at least once a week, 6 hollywood tv series every season, and taiwan-korean-japan drama.

8. I always complaining that i'm fat. Hmmm.. I think i'm really fat.

I'd like to pass this award to these great bloggers:
1. liezyl - the red diary
2. bernadeth - miss beatrix
4. lydia - TQL
5. yessica - antara dsc
6. jovanny - pastel satchels
7. jamie lee - page sixxx


LiezyL said...

oh wow, thank you for the award!!
and awww, you and youre friends are so cute!!

janet said...

seems you had a very great time!
you look pretty!
it's been a long time since I visited ur blog :)