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Monday, September 14, 2009

We Watched Final Destination

First word is HHOOEEKKKKK...


I made an appointment with
my sista , angel , and hes sista to watch FD4 together..
And we had that time in las Saturday..

What kind of movie that show a human juice..
The answer is Final Destination 4..
I didn't really like it..
's kinda 'family tree friend' look a like..
Do u remember that cartoon?? hehehehe
I think FD4 is the weirdest final destination ever..*nyam nyam*

I spent a day long at TA..
Because my huppi came to join me in there..
Almost 10 hours in that mall..

Ohh..There was midnite sale too in TA..
But the event wasn't fun..

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