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Sunday, September 6, 2009


Yesterday is the ordinary saturday..
And i love to spend my every saturday night with my huppi or with my mom n sista..

Yesterday we went to Grand Indonesia..

Had dinner in Burger King again..

Window shopped again..

Ahhh..i want buy black top..But i didn't get it yesterday..

And..suddenly my huppi said something that ruined my saturday..

I got
angry and cried!!

But after that..
He bought me Tamagotchi..

Thing that i want it since last month...LOL..

Maybe he felt guilty to me..hehehehehe..

He bought me and my sista the same tamagotchi..
Because i choosed v.5 one..
Not the newest..

I was so happy again..LOL..
Thanks Huppi..^^..


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