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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nuovo Me

So, this is my first post in 2014. I want to show the new me! Completely new style, new hair. 
After having mid-long hair and very long hair for more than 12 years, i finally cut it.
No doubt, no regret, just wanna have a fresh look.

You can take a peek to my previous post and my 2nd previous post. Hmm.. how about i post the photos again.I'm certainly not a lazy blogger :p

[Taken on August 2013 and May 2012]
Long hair forever. Seriously i thought i'll let it like that for a life time.

In October 2013,

And now, my new hair in 2014!

~ Btw, i've been wearing braces for a year. Rarely smiling lately, because my mouth looks full of steel :( ~

Am i over excited and over reacted?? YES!! Because i love my new hair *dancing*
Why did not i cut it sooner??? 

I'm having extreme diet to lose some weights to prepare my self for this haircut. Because having a short hair on a chubby face (i have baby fat on my cheeks since i was born) is a big no-no. I only lost 2,5 kilos so far. But suprisingly, my cheeks are smaller and my cheekbones is a lil bit showed. 
But, i'm not really like my new hair colour, it's not what i expected :(

So, YAY or NAY?


Milex said...


Visoo said...

nice look!!


Gloria Ip said...

great photos and thank you for dropping by my blog<3


Ru B said...

Hah! Love your new haircut! :D
Glitter And Blush
[If you would like to show support by following each other, let me know? :)]

Fanny Yuniar said...

hey thanks a lot for dropping by my blog ;) You look so fresh with your new cut
what kind of diet you did? may I know, bcs I want to lose some weight

zara may said...

I love your blog

Aulia Amalina said...

nice hair!!!

Michèle Kruesi said...

love your patterned top


you look fabulous!! i have no courage to cut my hair into that short, hahaha
great post dear! :)
anyway feel free to check out my blog

Diana Ashuayem said...

cool look, thanks for the visit.

Putri Valentina said...

I love your new hair style dear , you look more fresh :D


Phoebe Limanta said...

Awww wow, I think the short hair really suits you :) You look beautiful!

Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

natalia wijaya said...

great pict !

Christine Adelina Tjhia said...

Nice hair cut <3 You definitely look great short haired, I can't because my face is soo round ehheheeh


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Omg the hair cut looks so good on you. Nice change xx

Michelle Verpuggi said...

how special!

Bernadette Czle said...

you look even more pretty! cute hair xx

Mitha Komala said...

you look younger and more chic with the short hair! so gorgeous <3

Letters To Juliet

sara josephine - sartob said...

total YAY! you look more fresh & edgy <3


Gita Andreina Ang said...

you definitely not exaggerating because you look so fab and chic in your new haircut! love it <33
work it gurl! ;)

Love, Andreina

b e a t r i c e said...

Nice blog and post! I really like it! I think I will be here more often ;)U're so pretty! I'm ur follower! :)

Emiri♥ said...

helloo :)
thank you for your comment on my blog! you look amazing in your photo and love your sunnies!


Nava said...

You look really cute with your latest hair cut! >< Oh I wish I can just cut my hair like yours, I have a round face, short hair makes me look even round-er (Idk if it's even a word but who cares, you know what I mean)


Izzy said...

your new hair looks great! your face shape is great for it! :)

Metallic Paws

Tanya said...

you are pretty.

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