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Monday, October 10, 2011

Precious Family

When i say Precious, it doesn't mean my LV tote or my burberry wallet or my steve madden heels or my nex3 or my ipad.
What's so precious for me is the people besides me 24/7. Since i wake up at the morning, till i close my eyes at the night.

My mommy. Super precious gem in my life.

My sister, i can't imagine if i have a brother not a sister. LOL.
She's my bestfriend, my stylist, my business partner, and so on.

This one doesn't accompany me 24/7 but he always spend 3-4 days a week just to meet me. Happy to have him in my life too. 

Still yaaa.. Picture of me. LOL


Sidney Salim said...

You are surrounded by wonderful people in your life. I love your outfit.

I'm your new follower, dear. I would be flattered if you could follow mine too :)
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pricillia lumantoro said...

love your outfit!